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The 20 Best Places to Work in Seattle, According to the Women Who Work There (2019)

The most female-friendly employers in The Emerald City

The 20 Best Places to Work in Seattle, According to the Women Who Work There (2019)

Calling all those looking for a new job in Seattle. Our list of the best places to work in Seattle is based on ratings and reviews from thousands of women in the Seattle area. These women have rated their employers on 16 factors of female-friendliness, like paid time off, flexible work hours, maternity leave, equal opportunities, female representation in leadership, and more.

The 20 best places to work in Seattle

1. Palo Alto Networks

4.4 stars

The women who work at Palo Alto Networks love their colleagues, giving 4.7 stars for respectful, supportive coworkers. Paid time off, employer responsiveness (or how the company handles issues like discrimination and harassment), flexible work hours, and equal opportunities for women and men all get high scores among Palo Alto employees. In fact, this company gets excellent scores for all of the top four predictors of women’s overall job satisfaction.

Palo Alto Networks also appears in our 2019 list of the best companies for working moms.

Here’s what one former intern at Palo Alto writes about her experience:

Palo Alto Networks was not my first internship, but it completely blew me away. I have found that even at the lowest level of employee, the executives want to take the time to hear your voice and learn about who you are. The culture at Palo Alto Networks is what keeps so many people from ever looking anywhere else. It is one of the only companies that values everyone for what they bring to the table, work related or not.

2. The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

4.2 stars

BCG gets its top marks for maternity and adoptive leave, great coworkers, paid time off, equal opportunities for women and men, social activities and environment, and management opportunities, satisfying three of the top four factors early career women want most at work.

We like this insightful review from a very satisfied rater:

BCG has been one of the first employers that I truly think has high quality work culture and ethics. I came from a previous industry that had poor work ethics and management. I find that my professionalism and knowledge is respected and valued. Talking to other BCG'ers have expressed that the company cares about their employees—many BCGers have moved up the social ladder or changed positions within department or in a different division. Women have found themselves with flexible schedules (working from home or working part time) as they became mothers, etc. I envision myself being a long-time BCG'er who hopes to continue growing in my professional development within the firm.

3. Facebook

4.0 stars

Women who work at Facebook rate this company highly for its family support initiatives, including maternity and adoptive leave, family growth support, paid time off, and flexible work hours.

Facebook also makes our 2019 list of the top tech companies where women are most satisfied with their pay.

We find this review from one early career rater very helpful:

Overall, the education and emphasis on managing bias is huge. I've felt very accepted and able to speak my mind. While there is not as much representation of women in management and leadership as I would like, the culture is extremely supportive and inclusive, and I hope that in time there will be more women in leadership. There are also a number of inspiring women in technical leadership roles to look up to.

4. Ericsson

3.9 stars

Tech company Ericsson gets its highest scores in all of the top five factors that working women want most from their employers: paid time off, flexible work hours, great coworkers, equal opportunities for women and men, and the ability to telecommute.

5. lululemon athletica

3.9 stars

lululemon athletica gets a nearly perfect 4.8 stars for wellness initiatives. Behind that, lululemon gets 4.7 stars for female representation in leadership, 4.6 for management opportunities, and 4.6 for and respectful and supportive coworkers.

Women across the country rate lululemon highly. It also makes our list of the best places to work in Los Angeles, St. Louis (it ranks number one here), New York City, and Philly.

6. Salesforce

3.9 stars

Salesforce employees love a lot of things about this employer, but what they love most is its maternity leave policy, wellness initiatives, paid time off policy, and the remote work options.

Here’s what one woman writes about working for Salesforce:

Extremely talented employees who love the work they do—it's infectious! Lots of growth opportunities and excellent pay.

7. Edward Jones

3.8 stars

Financial services firm Edward Jones makes our list of the best places to work in Seattle for its maternity and adoptive leave policy, equal opportunities for women and men, and learning opportunities (a stand-out on this list).

Edward Jones also ranks number five on our list of the top 10 financial services companies where women are happiest with their pay

8. Fidelity Investments

3.8 stars

Fidelity Investments employees give their employer solid scores for its maternity and adoptive leave policies (16 weeks fully paid maternity, six weeks fully paid adoptive), its wellness initiatives (subsidized gym memberships and healthy snacks, on-site wellness centers, plus yoga and meditation classes, just to name a few), and paid time off (an average of 15 days per year).

Like its list neighbor Edward Jones, Fidelity Investments also makes the list financial services companies where women dig their compensation

9. Google

3.8 stars

Women who work at Google rate this company highly for wellness initiatives, maternity and adoptive leave, family growth support, and social activities and environment.

10. USAA

3.8 stars

Rounding out the top 10 best places to work in Seattle is financial services company USAA, which gets 4.5 stars for both wellness initiatives and its maternity leave policy, plus 4.3 stars for family growth support, and 4.2 for paid time off.

11. Deloitte

3.7 stars

Women at Deloitte rate this company most highly for paid time off, mat leave, wellness initiatives, family growth support, and learning opportunities.

12. Genentech

3.7 stars

Biotech company Genentech get solid scores for social activities and environment, great coworkers, and employer responsiveness.

Genentech is highly rated by women across the country. This company also makes our 2019 lists of the best places to work in Dallas, St. Louis, and Austin.

13. Navy Federal Credit Union

3.7 stars

Navy Federal ranks number three on InHerSight’s 2019 list of the top financial services companies where women are most satisfied with their pay, which says a lot, considering finance is one of the top industries overall where women are satisfied with compensation.

14. Procter and Gamble

3.7 stars

Ohio-based consumer good company P&G is one of the best places to work in Seattle for its paid time off policy, management opportunities, and equal opportunities for women and men—three of the top four things early career women want most at work.

15. SAP

3.7 stars

SAP gets an outstanding 4.4 stars for the ability to telecommute, another 4.4 stars for flexible work hours, 4.3 for paid time off, and 4.0 for maternity leave.


3.6 stars

Here’s what one senior-level rater says about what it’s like to work at

Amazing, progressive company. What you put into your work is truly what you get out of it. No gender bias, extremely diverse culture.

Another woman writes this:

The best company I have ever worked for is It is very family friendly with wellness rooms for lactating mothers and over a month of PTO. The company is also LGBT friendly, does not tolerate sexual harassment, favouritism, sexism, or discrimination based on anything. The company is also very understanding and welcoming of people from all cultures and religions.

17. Cengage Learning

3.6 stars

Cengage employees like the company’s maternity and adoptive leave policies, their coworkers, paid time off, the ability to telecommute, and the flextime.

One woman early in her career has this to say:

Fun and fast paced, continual learning. Great, smart, funny, and helpful colleagues.

18. Dell

3.6 stars

Women who work at Dell highly rate its PTO policy (an average of 15 vacation days, 10 sick days, and 15 paid holidays per year), the ability to work remotely, the wellness initiatives (subsidized gym memberships and on-site fitness centers, standing/walking desks, and nutrition counseling).

19. Humana

3.6 stars

One employee writes about working at Humana:

Great company to work for, the really live their mission of helping the communities they serve become healthier through constant innovation and client centered design!

A mid-level employee says this:

I very much enjoy working at Humana. The flexibility I have being a single mom has been wonderful as well as WFH/WAH. They have multiple avenues for training and multiple ways to network and volunteer! Not only that, I enjoy coming to work every day.

20. Southwest Airlines

3.6 stars

Southwest Airlines gets its highest scores for career development factors: equal opportunities for women and men, management opportunities, and female representation in leadership.

We like this thoughtful review by a mid-level employee:

Outstanding organization grappling with pace of change and sometimes burdened by industry convention. But earnestly trying to balance innovation and culture for all employees.


Companies with ratings and reviews from at least 50 current or former US-based employees are eligible for this list. Company ratings accurate as of August 23, 2019.

InHerSight has ratings and reviews of more than 120K companies in the United States.

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