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Guides to Discrimination

What do you do if you’ve been discriminated against? These guides explain how to recognize different kinds of discrimination in the workplace, the proper steps to take, when to call a lawyer, and what to expect when you do.

Working Mom

Know Your Rights: How The PUMP Act Protects & Supports Working Mothers

What millions of breastfeeding mothers can expect at work

Guides to Discrimination

Title IX: Everything You Need to Know About the Law’s Impact on Women’s Rights

Love having women in STEM? Thank Title IX

Guides to Discrimination

Are You Being Discriminated Against at Work? 10 Signs to Look Out For

Learn the red flags

Guides to Discrimination

Discrimination in the Workplace: 4 Types to Look Out For + Examples of Each

Learn how illegal discrimination shows up at work

Culture & Professionalism

How to Handle Unfair Treatment at Work

Plus, how to take care of yourself mentally

Guides to Discrimination

How Misogyny Became Part of Our Culture & Workplaces

In a time of remote work, allyship is needed more than ever


The Difference Between Overt & Covert: Recognizing Hidden Systemic Racism & Sexism

Gaslighting has entered the chat


6 Examples of Coded Language in the Workplace & How to Eliminate the Practice

Hello, discrimination

Workplace Rights

A Quick Guide to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC): Everything You Need to Know

When to file a claim and what you need to do so

Guides to Discrimination

Are You on the ‘Mommy Track’? How to Know & What to Do About It

Derailing discrimination


Fatphobia at Work: How to Recognize It & End It

Enough is enough

Guides to Discrimination

Ageism: How Bias Affects Younger & Older Employees

And the demographics impacted the most

Guides to Discrimination

4 Things I Learned from Suing My Employer for Harassment and Discrimination

What no one tells you about standing up for yourself at work

Culture & Professionalism

Signs of a Toxic Boss & What to Do About Them

And how their behavior affects your career and mental health


Salary History: Where Asking Is Illegal, Why & How to Redirect the Conversation

You may ask questions which I shall not choose to answer

Guides to Discrimination

Ableism in the Workplace: What It Is & How to Combat It

3 focus areas for companies to prioritize right now

Guides to Discrimination

The Origins of Sexism & Why It’s Just as Toxic as Ever

“The emotional, sexual, and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says: ‘It's a girl.’” ―Shirley Chisholm

Culture & Professionalism

Let’s End Body Shaming in the Workplace

It's not illegal, but it's toxic just the same


Tokenism: What It Is & How It Affects Our Workplaces

It's the band-aid "solution" to a systemic problem

Culture & Professionalism

Can a Former Employer Badmouth You?

And what you can do if they have