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3 Ways to Get Better Work-Life Balance Starting Today

Plus: How to finally best the neverending to-do list

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This Low Code Software Company Sets a High Bar for Inclusion Practices

Respect for the “whole person” drives Appian’s diversity initiatives

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20 Companies Where Women Are Satisfied With Their Pay

Women give these companies standout scores for salary satisfaction

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Are You Paid Fairly? Today’s a Good Day to Find Out

Plus: 3 companies leading the way on equal pay

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7 Things About Salary Satisfaction That May Surprise You

Little-known facts about how women feel about their pay


The Hidden Effects of Financial Confidence on Women’s Careers

From asking for a raise to going for the promotion, financial savvy has a hand in the risks women are willing to take at work.

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This Cybersecurity Company’s Secret Weapon? Diversity.

We asked Palo Alto Networks to give us the inside scoop on how they support gender diversity and inclusion — here's what we learned.

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Remote Work Is All the Rage! Is It Right for You?

3 traits that make for great telecommuters

Career Advice

5 Tips for Getting the Job After a Career Break

Feeling ready to return? Here are some strategies for turning that readiness into reality.

International Women's Day 2018

Roundup: Highlights From Our International Women's Day

We spent the day sharing some of the ways companies are living up to this year's theme, #PressforProgress.

Insights & Data

How Women Want Companies to #PressforProgress in 2018

Plus: A simple thing you can do right now to show your support for #IWD2018

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9 Ways Women Are Reshaping the Business World

Happy Valentine's Day! This year, we thought we'd share a few of the things we love that women are doing to shape the world.

Stuff We Love

15 "Valentines" from Women to Their Companies

We're sharing some of the powerful messages women have sent to each other and to their employers

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Athleisure? More Like Athbusiness.

15 companies with wellness programs worth your workout wardrobe

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Want to Be More Productive at Work? Stay Home.

Plus: 20 companies that let you work in your PJs


Introducing #DecembHER: Giving a Little Differently This Season

As the month of December begins, the annual season of giving is in full swing.

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Don't Fetch the Coffee! Advice From a Woman In Tech

We asked senior engineer and web development instructor Kelly Murray a few questions about her experience as a woman in the tech industry.

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Dealbreaker: 52% of Women Say They Won't Work for Companies Without Birth Control Coverage

The recent policy roll-back could have serious implications for women and employers.

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Silicon Valley’s Diversity Gap: Minority Women Affected Most

A new study on the intersection of race and gender in the tech industry reveals a number of worrying trends.

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The Truth About Why Women Leave Tech

InHerSight data shines more light on what it means to be a woman in tech, and four key areas where the industry falls short.

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Are Companies Good at Responding to Women’s Concerns? 5 Facts.

What happens when companies ignore challenges women face at work? We're breaking down our new data around company responsiveness, how they respond, why they respond... do they even respond? And the broader implications for women’s happiness at work. Check out our findings.

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20 Companies With Equal Opportunities, According to Women

Here's where you can find this key drivers of happiness

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Google, Memos, and Stereotype Threat

The recent firestorm at Google has brought to light some of the misconceptions floating around in the tech industry and elsewhere, and has introduced many of us to the issue of stereotype threat in the workplace.

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This Girl's Optimistic Note About Starting Middle School Just Made Our Day

Determination, inclusivity, and organization: What can we learn from an 11-year-old's thoughts about what it takes to succeed in middle school?

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Need New Friends? Pamela Newenham of GirlCrew Can Help

Have you ever wanted to make plans with a friend, only to find that everyone you know in your city is tired, sick, busy, or some combination of the three? So have we.

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Love or Respect: The Catch-22 For Aspiring Female Leaders

Would you rather be liked or respected? For some women in the workplace, it's a real choice they have to make.

Culture Watch

We've Been Busy Thinking About "Boys"

Double standards, objectification, and dancing around the office. Diving deeper than necessary into one of the summer's most enjoyable tracks.

Your Stories

Sexual Harassment: Not Just a Silicon Valley Problem

One woman's harrowing experience with harassment at one of the largest retailers in the US.

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Size Matters: What Larger Companies Get Right for Women

We dug into our ratings data to uncover the areas big companies excel when it comes to supporting the women who work for them

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Sustainable Beesness: Leigh-Kathryn Bonner of Bee Downtown

Some people might run screaming from bees, but this female founder is convincing companies and cities to embrace them.

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Get Schooled: Sana Farooq on the Importance of Accessible Education

If you’re reading this, you have access to an internet-enabled device...and a quality education, if Sana Farooq of ELN gets her way.

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Polly Rodriguez of Unbound: Let's Talk About Sex

How Unbound’s founder and CEO is promoting meaningful conversations about sex and putting a vibrator in the hand of every woman in America.

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Sallie Krawcheck of Ellevest: Invest Like a Woman

The pay gap is only half the battle.

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Becoming a Star on Netflix’s Glow

A lot of us are in the middle of a long weekend. What better way to spend it than binging on some girl power?

Wonder Women

11 Cool Things Women Are Doing to Make the World Better

Is making a dollar worth it if you aren’t making a difference?

News & Reactions

Male Colleagues Keep Interrupting Senator Kamala Harris

Sound familiar to anyone?


InHerSight's Guide to the Gender Pay Gap

It's real, it affects different women in different ways, and it's not going away as quickly as you might think.

Insights & Data

Ambition Gap? Think Again.

According to data recently compiled by Accenture, mothers who are still in the workforce are no less likely to demonstrate ambition than their childless peers, dispelling the myth that after childbirth women lose commitment to their jobs.

Insights & Data

25 Great Companies for Future Moms

We’ve got our fingers crossed that the six weeks of paid family leave making headlines this week as part of President Trump’s budget plan -- or one of the twelve week counter proposals -- gets approved, since the U.S. is one of the only developed countries that doesn’t guarantee paid leave. But before that happens...

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Fidelity’s Women-Focused Culture Breaks the Mold in a Male-Dominated Industry

Female representation at top career levels, attractive benefits and perks, and a company culture that values women are all representative of Fidelity’s commitment to supporting its employees. High scores from women on InHerSight is an A+ bonus.

Insights & Data

Company Spotlight: Quartet

Technical Recruiting Lead Nyala Khan talked to us about how her company is transforming the way mental healthcare is delivered and why they’ve prioritized gender diversity.

Insights & Data

These 6 Companies Are #BeingBoldForChange

For International Women's Day, we're sharing some bold ways that companies are creating a better working world for women.

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7 Companies Women Love

Looking for a great place to work? Here are seven companies that are getting a lot of love from their female employees.

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Are Glassdoor’s 2017 Best Places to Work Also Great for Women?

Glassdoor recently released its annual Best Places to Work list, and we were curious to see how their ratings line up with the ratings from women on InHerSight.

Insights & Data

Company Spotlight: Nava

This small but growing Washington, D.C. based tech company has made hiring a diverse workforce a priority.

Insights & Data

Company Spotlight: Procore Technologies

This California-headquartered construction software company is excelling with women, and we just had to find out why.

Insights & Data

Behold Your Personal “Top Companies” List

Generic best-companies-for-women lists are so 2016... Meet our Match tool.

Insights & Data

The Hidden Dangers of a Half-Assed Mentorship Program

New InHerSight data show that high-quality mentorship programs for female professionals are in high demand and short supply.

Insights & Data

BCG Study Reveals Ways to Drive Better Engagement Among Senior-Level Women

InHerSight data on work-life balance contributes to a larger discussion on employee engagement, highlighted in a new study from Boston Consulting Group called “The Rewards of an Engaged Female Workforce.”

Insights & Data

New Study Reveals How Men Perceive Support for Women at Work

Men don’t think things are great, but they think they’re a lot better than women think they are.

Insights & Data

Back to Work Breaking Glass Ceilings

In light of the election results, let’s re-examine the solidity of “that highest and hardest glass ceiling” and what can be done to bring it down.

Insights & Data

Women Now Feel Worse About Their Career Prospects

Professional women share their outlook on their career prospects in light of the election results

Insights & Data

7 Companies Committed to Having Women at the Top

Here's a list of companies that get high scores for female representation in management from the women working directly at the companies.

Insights & Data

Company Spotlight: Radio Systems

You’ve probably seen this company’s Invisible Fence signs in your neighbor’s yard or possibly even your own. Turns out the company that owns this brand and a handful of other pet brands is a pretty fun place to work and takes good care of its employees too.

Insights & Data

Looking for Companies That Support Equal Opportunities for Men and Women? Try Retail.

Two female retail CEOs resigning from their roles in the past week, at American Apparel and Lands End, had us looking at our ratings for retailers — and we had some interesting findings about the opportunities for women in the retail space.

Insights & Data

Top Companies for Sponsorship & Mentorship Programs

Here's a list of 20 companies with high ratings for their Sponsorship & Mentorship Programs. All companies had at least 20 ratings as of September 30, 2016.

Insights & Data

3 Reasons Why Women Walk Away From Leadership Positions

One of the many societal changes sparked by the women’s liberation movement of the 1960s and ‘70s was a shift in gender role ideology. The new way of thinking was especially empowering to working women, as it opened doors for them to take on and succeed in high-level positions.

Insights & Data

Company Spotlight: HubSpot

Caroline Cotto, Culture Content Creator for global marketing software company, HubSpot, gave us some great insights into her company’s awesome culture and benefits.

Insights & Data

3 Companies Launching Programs to Advance Working Women

Here are some innovative equal opportunity initiatives that we think are worth replicating.

Insights & Data

The Best (and Worst) Industries for Career-Focused Millennial Women

Millennials aren’t willing to settle for less than the best when it comes to their careers, and research has shown that millennials are quitting and/or planning to quit their jobs in droves. One of the factors driving this is a desire for upward mobility that they just aren’t finding in their current jobs.

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5 Companies with Wellness Initiatives that Simone Biles Would Approve Of

With the Olympics in full swing, it’s hard to watch Simone Biles do a double back layout and not be motivated to get to the gym, or eat healthier. But chances are you’ve got a full-time job and a host of other responsibilities. So why not find a company that lets you take care of getting healthy at work?

Insights & Data

Company Spotlight: WillowTree, Inc

We spoke with Christy Phillips, Senior Vice President of HR and Recruiting, about her company’s award-winning culture, diversity hiring practices, and how they’re supporting women in technology outside the office.

Insights & Data

Want to Be the Boss?

Here are 5 companies in a variety of industries, from retail to tourism, with great management opportunities for women.

Insights & Data

5 Under the Radar Companies That Are Great for Women

Don’t settle for a mediocre workplace. On InHerSight you can find great companies for women all across the U.S. Here are just a few that are getting high marks.

Insights & Data

The Truth Is in the Data: The Top 5 Ways to Recruit More Women

Before you update your career website or write your next job description, find out what women really value most from their employers.

Insights & Data

Company Spotlight: Asana

We spoke with Sonja Gittens-Ottley, Diversity & Inclusion Lead at Asana about her company’s mission, values and their popular “No meeting Wednesdays” policy. Read on for more about this mindful, respectful company where every employee is “always recruiting”.

Insights & Data

How Female-Friendly is Your Workplace?

InHerSight shines a spotlight on what it's really like for working women.

Insights & Data

3 Things Women Want Most from Their Employers

The true definition of “female-friendly” benefits might surprise you.

Insights & Data

Kylo Ren Is Not Your Boss

What if you were an Imperial Stormtrooper? Would you feel free to speak your mind?

Insights & Data

Power in Numbers: Women Fight for Equality at Work With Data, Not Sticks

Here’s why we aren’t all marching in the streets...and why that's okay

Insights & Data

Are You Set Up for Success at Work?

We make it easy to see if your workplace is giving you what you need — and find workplaces where you can succeed

Insights & Data

Why So Many "Groundbreaking" Company Policies Fall Short for Women

Want to know what you’re really getting right… and wrong? Let the women tell you.