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Career Advice & Insights

Finding a Job

The 6 Best Types of Employee Stipends, Ranked

Plus, learn more about the companies offering these stipends

Career Development

The 6 Types of Listening & How to Really Tune In

Plus, examples of each

Working Mom

30+ Quotes from Working Moms Who Get It

“It is hard to be a good, present parent if you aren't your best self.”

Working Mom

40+ Moms Answer: How Does Your Company Support You as a Working Parent?

“With commitment to work-life balance, flexibility, and great benefits, my company ensures I can prioritize my family without sacrificing my career ambitions.”

Partners in Diversity

Working in Manufacturing Can Be Fun? These 6 Women Say ‘Absolutely’

3 ways Nugget is changing the manufacturing industry for good

Finding a Job

35+ Specific ChatGPT Prompts to Help Build Your Resume

Learn how to craft the perfect prompt

Partners in Diversity

Ask an Employer: How Can Job Seekers Stand Out?

“Use the resources available to you to help (us).”


17 Books That Help You Find Yourself

Destination self-discovery

The Pipeline

On Climbing Ladders, Self-Care & Adjusting to the Weight of Independence

Plus, the importance of transferable skills

Partners in Diversity

Ask an Employer: What Interview Questions Do You Wish Women Would Ask?

“Remember, you’re interviewing a company as much as they’re interviewing you”


Are Unpaid Take-Home Interview Assignments Ethical? We Asked 2 Experts.

How to gauge whether you should ask for payment

Career Development

16 Creative Excuses to Leave Work Early (Without Raising Suspicion)

And what to say to your boss

Career Development

What’s Better in Today’s Workforce: a Jack of All Trades or an Expert?

Blame Shakespeare, the original jack of all trades

Finding a Job

How to Confidently Use AI During Your Job Search

Plus, example prompts to try

Career Development

Better Conversations: 8 Experts Answer ’How Do I Voice a Contradictory Opinion at Work?’

Speaking truth to power

Employer Resources

How to Fairly Evaluate Nontraditional Candidates During & After an Interview

Plus, self-reflection questions to better assess your interview tactics


The Power of Personal Reference Letters: Your Key to Landing Your Dream Job

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