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Improving the Workplace for Women by Measuring It

All of us have unique insights into how well our employers support our needs and goals — where companies excel, where they can do better, and whether or not they foster an environment that enables all employees to thrive.

When each of us shares our insights, collectively we can bring powerful transparency to the working world for women.

That is the goal of InHerSight.

We Let the Data Speak for Itself

We believe that the best way to improve the workplace is by measuring it, so we built a safe and completely anonymous platform to measure company support for women.

InHerSight focuses on 16 key metrics (both formal policies and “soft” policies) that matter most to working women, including flexible work hours, maternity and adoptive leave, family growth support (e.g. child care and lactation rooms), salary satisfaction, mentoring, management opportunities for women, and female representation in leadership positions.

By bringing individual insights together into a common framework, InHerSight provides a powerful and representative picture of what it’s really like for women in the workplace — from office suites to executive suites, in cubicles and warehouses; in any capacity and wherever women work. These insights provide transparency for employees and employers alike:

  • Our ratings help women make smarter decisions about what companies they want to work for based on issues that are relevant to their lives, whether it’s career growth, family-friendly policies, or something else.
  • Our scorecards allow employers to see how their policies are perceived (good, bad and neutral); those that want to attract and retain top female talent can use the feedback and our collective data to develop a workplace that supports women.

Women (and men!) have already rated thousands of past or present employers, from government agencies to household names like Amazon, Google, Coca-Cola, Walmart, and Microsoft.

See what Huffington Post, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, FastCompany, CNNMoney and The Daily Dot say about InHerSight.

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Featured in

The Team

Daniel Stapleton

User Experience

"It's easy for men to be blind to the issues women face at work. The data we're collecting and the stories women are sharing have made me much more aware, and have caused me to consider my own biases at work more carefully."

Ursula Mead

Founder / CEO

"Success and 'having it all' mean different things to women at different times in their lives and careers. We need the opportunity to find the workplaces where we have our best chance to thrive."

Adam Hill

Technology Advisor

"Crowdsourced ratings technology is already being used to change and improve lots of things, from the travel industry to public policy, so why not here?"