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Mental Health

Emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing affect every facet of our lives, including our careers. Use these resources to find support and be your best self.

Mental Health

How to Cope at Work When There’s a Constant Negative News Cycle

Considering the appropriate level of stimulation and exposure that’s right for you


How to Explain Leaving a Job Due to Stress in an Interview

Three full examples of what to say to the recruiter

Culture & Professionalism

10 Email Templates for Setting Boundaries & Communicating Your Needs at Work

Stand up for yourself and protect your peace

Mental Health

How Can We Break Free of Toxic Productivity?

Your worth is not tied to your output

Mental Health

How to Be More Mindful in the Workplace During the Holidays

What to watch for and how to take a step back


Let’s Talk Menopause at Work: Why Employers Should Be Offering Menopause Benefits

“One person is not enough. We have to work as a team.”

Work-Life Balance

What Is ‘Wellbeing Washing’? 5 Ways to Find an Employer That Cares About You

Plus, four tactics companies can use to support employee wellbeing

Work from Home

Work Remotely? Experts Share Tips for Staying Motivated & Connected When Working From Home

Plus, how long-term remote work affects wellbeing and job satisfaction

Culture & Professionalism

Toxic Work Environment Characteristics, Warning Signs & Solutions

Plus, how to decide when it might be time to quit

Mental Health

How to Live a ‘Soft Life’ Without Quitting Your Job

“Soft life is about making a conscious effort to tend to your own needs and what brings you moments of rest and pleasure”

Mental Health

How to Quit a Job Due to Mental Health Reasons

And how to cope in the meantime

Mental Health

Is Your Work Mentally Draining? Learn How to Protect Your Inner Peace

Prioritize your mental health

Work-Life Balance

In 2023, What Does Work-Life Balance Mean?

Workers want flexibility, not nap pods


A Word-for-Word Guide to Discussing Mental Health with Direct Reports

What to say and why it’s important

Paid Time Off

Want to Feel Rejuvenated? Take Time Off Work

Taking time off is essential for your wellbeing

Mental Health

29 Companies That Offer Mental Health Support Benefits

Benefits that bring out your best self

Mental Health

6 Emotional Wellness Programs That Help Employees Skill Up

Keep your employees happy and healthy

Mental Health

Mental Health Tips & Resources for LGBTQ+ Employees

Hotlines, online chats, and email support

Mental Health

Return to Office, Maybe? How to Reduce Stress & Maintain Flexibility Amid Changing Routines

When to talk to your boss and when to start job searching

Culture & Professionalism

Everything You Need to Know About Leaving a Toxic Workplace

Plus, how to take care of yourself afterward