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Culture & Professionalism

Find inspiration in these easy-to-use guides aimed at helping you put your best foot forward in the way that's most authentic to you.

Culture & Professionalism

13 Words & Phrases You Should Stop Saying at Work

No more over-apologizing

Career Development

5 Steps to Respectfully Making an Impact as a New Hire

Offer a fresh perspective, diplomatically

Career Development

How to Memorably Introduce Yourself to a New Team: 10 Email Templates

Don’t be afraid to show a little personality

Culture & Professionalism

‘Can I Sue for a Toxic Work Environment?’ & 5 Other Frequently Asked Questions

Understand the complexities before you take action


How to Respectfully Bring Up Partners & Relationships at Work

Navigating the tricky boundary between personal and professional


An Ally’s Guide to Apologizing in the Workplace in 2024

How to say sorry for interrupting, misgendering, and more


50+ Questions to Ask the Interviewer About Company Culture

Find a workplace where your values are aligned

Culture & Professionalism

Why Quiet Firing Needs to Go

Plus, what employers should do instead

Culture & Professionalism

10 Email Templates for Setting Boundaries & Communicating Your Needs at Work

Stand up for yourself and protect your peace

Culture & Professionalism

10 Out-of-Office Message Examples for Every Scenario

Plus, what to avoid in your message

Culture & Professionalism

All the Best Email Sign-Offs & Why Email Etiquette Still Matters

Sincerely, your best professional self

Employer Resources

Are Your Employees Stuck in a Rut? Here’s How to Inspire Creativity in Your Workplace

Keep burnout at bay with these 11 activities

Culture & Professionalism

Workplace Etiquette: Is Giving Two-Weeks Notice Required?

Plus, sample resignation emails

Culture & Professionalism

Ensuring a Secure Work Environment: 15 Essential Workplace Safety Tips

Safety should remain a top priority for every workplace

Culture & Professionalism

8 Clear Signs There’s Trust & Psychological Safety in a Workplace

Look out for these green flags

Culture & Professionalism

Toxic Work Environment Characteristics, Warning Signs & Solutions

Plus, how to decide when it might be time to quit

Culture & Professionalism

7 Hostile Work Environment Examples + Key Signs Your Workplace Is Unsafe

Go where you feel respected

Culture & Professionalism

What to Do When You See Gaslighting at Work

The signs to watch out for and how to take action

Culture & Professionalism

The Perils of ‘Professionalism’: How Dress Codes at Work Discriminate & Exclude

It’s high time to redefine expectations of how employees show up to work

Mental Health

How to Live a ‘Soft Life’ Without Quitting Your Job

“Soft life is about making a conscious effort to tend to your own needs and what brings you moments of rest and pleasure”