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Flexibility Articles

Flexible work hours make it possible for employees to get their "life" work done. Read more about the benefit women say is one of the most desired.

Career Development

39 Hilarious Memes You Might Want to Hide from Your Boss

If you want to keep your job, that is

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20 Jobs for People Who Are Tired of People

The sound of silence

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Workplace Rights

How Many Hours Is Part-Time?

And are you entitled to benefits and sick leave?

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Work-Life Balance

Why You Should Play Hooky (& 14 Things to Do with Your Time)

Take time for you

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How to Counter a Job Offer & Get What You Want

The offer is just the beginning of the conversation

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Women to Know

On Time with Beatrice De Jong, Consumer Trends Expert & Agent, Opendoor

The first in InHerSight’s series on how seriously successful women manage their time.

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Career Development

What Is a Rotating Schedule & Who Is It Good For?

Pros and cons of rotational scheduling

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What Working Women Should Know About Women’s Equality Day

Things aren't all bad, but they're also not not bad

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She Lives in Atlanta. Her Last Job was in Iceland.

How Stephanie Eley harnessed the gig economy and you can, too

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What Flextime Is & Why You Should Have It

Expect to see boosts in productivity, engagement, and even mental and physical health

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77 Top Companies That Offer Jobs with Flexible Work Hours

Stay productive, on a schedule that works for you

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Guide to Paternity Leave: Your Rights, How to Ask & The Future of Leave

Dads are more engaged than ever, but paternity leave policies are slow to change

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Balancing Act: Being a Foster Mother & a Working Parent

What foster parents need to succeed at work

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Work from Home

The Future Is in the House: Legit Work from Home Jobs

Get paid to stay home (and work, of course)

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How to Accept a Job Offer: When to Negotiate & What to Say

You landed the job, here’s how to negotiate your comp and seal the deal

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Paid Time Off

All You Need To Know About Taking a Leave of Absence

Need to take some time off work but not sure if you can or how to ask? We’ve got you covered.

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How to Negotiate Flexible Work Hours

It’s okay to ask for what you want. In fact, we recommend it

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Paid Time Off

Breaking Down PTO: Why It Matters & Where It’s Headed

The U.S. is woefully behind the rest of the world when it comes to guaranteed paid time off work workers

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What Are Part-Time Hours in the U.S.?

Everything you need to know about full-time vs. part-time employment and how to know which one is for you.

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Culture & Professionalism

Affirm Confirms: People Really Do Come First

How this company's workplace culture improves business for all

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