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Career Change

Seventy-three percent of women want to change careers—and it looks like you're one of them! Learn the ins and outs of making the switch.

Career Development

How to Memorably Introduce Yourself to a New Team: 10 Email Templates

Don’t be afraid to show a little personality

Career Development

What to Use for a Resignation Email Subject Line

Keep it short, sweet, and professional

Finding a Job

Our Comprehensive Guide to Finding a Career You Love

Your dream job is waiting

Career Development

16 Tips for Starting a New Job Successfully

Career development, unlocked


9 of the Best Exit Interview Questions & How to Nail Them

Plus, how to deliver negative feedback in a professional manner

Career Trajectories

6 Women in Tech on Unexpected Career Trajectories & Getting Into the Industry

"I want other women to see there is room for them at the table and they don't have to shape-shift to fit into a seat"


6 Signs You’re in a Dead-End Job & What to Do About It

Stop sign ahead


Required Skills Aren’t Necessarily Required. Here’s What It Means to Be ‘Qualified’ for a Job

Plus, ways hiring managers and nontraditional candidates can meet in the middle

Career Development

19 Career Women on Personal Growth & the Life Lessons That Have Mattered Most

And the 3 psychological needs behind every inch of progress

Return to Work

Struggling to Get Back into the Workforce? Here Are 4 Ways to Reframe Your Return

Your skills are more marketable than you think

Ask a Recruiter

Ask a Recruiter: I've Changed So Much During the Pandemic. Is My Job Still Right for Me?

When values don’t align, is it time to leave?

Career Development

7 Steps to Rebuild Your Career & Start Over

Lots of deep breaths


25 Creative Jobs That Actually Pay Well

No more starving artists

Career Development

Your Essential Guide to Driving Your Own Career Growth

4 steps to figuring out what you want

Career Development

Bored of Programming: What to Do When You Just Can’t Code Anymore

Open source career advice


20 Jobs for People Who Are Tired of People

The sound of silence

Career Development

Is It Finally Time to Make Your Career Power Move?

4 signs to shake up your career right now

Return to Work

How to Make Any Employment Gap Sound Good

Great, even

Career Development

What Is CliftonStrengths & How Can It Benefit Your Career?

Plus, why focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses is a more effective way to grow

Career Development

How to Decide if You Should Go to Grad School

6 things to consider before you apply