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Navigating pregnancy at work can be scary and overwhelming. We tackle the toughest topics: talking to your boss, discrimination, benefits, and telling your coworker not to touch your belly. (Seriously.)


Working While Pregnant? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Take care of yourself mentally and physically


Your Guide to Fertility Benefits: The Coverage You Need & What to Expect from Employers

The number of U.S. companies that provide fertility benefits is up 30 percent since 2020


When Should You Announce Your Pregnancy at Work?

Plus, who to tell first


How We All Can Help Improve Paid Parental Leave Policy Now

Giving better support to working parents benefits everyone


Write the Perfect Maternity Leave Out-of-Office Message! 19 Examples Inside

When your inbox will be the last thing on your mind


You Can Take Time Off After a Miscarriage. Here’s How to Do It.

Plus, how managers should respond

Guides to Discrimination

Are You on the ‘Mommy Track’? How to Know & What to Do About It

Derailing discrimination


30 Realities of Being a Working Mom & How to Deal

We hit the motherload with this one


Know Your Rights: Pumping at Work

FYI: They CANNOT make you pump in the bathroom

Workplace Rights

A Guide to Short Term Disability for the Self-Employed

Plus the FAQs you need the answers to

Career Development

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Baby in 2021?

We're not just talking about money


How to Manage Anxiety During Pregnancy at Work

It's not just you


20 Pregnancy Quotes for Your Journey to Motherhood

I remember being able to get up without sound effects...good times

Return to Work

How the Baby Blues Affect Your Return to Work

Some sadness or anxiety is to be expected


The Working Woman’s Guide to Pregnancy Insomnia

How to sleep like a baby (when you’re growing a baby)


Mother’s Rooms: What’s Required, What’s Needed, & What to Bring

We took Mr. Bun E. Rabbit to work, and you won't *believe* what happened

Return to Work

Ask a Recruiter: How Can I Ease My Transition Back to Work After Taking a Leave of Absence?

Plus, how to talk about it on your resume and in your cover letter


The Working Woman’s Guide to Flying While Pregnant

And how to talk to your boss about it

Guides to Discrimination

Know Your Rights: The Ins and Outs of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act

What it is, what it covers, and what you’re entitled to


4 Books You’ll Love as a Working Mom (or Mom-to-Be)

"Goodnight Moon" not included