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Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance. Work-life harmony. Work-life integration. No matter what you call it, there just aren't enough hours in a day. We can help.

Work-Life Balance

In 2023, What Does Work-Life Balance Mean?

Workers want flexibility, not nap pods

Paid Time Off

Want to Feel Rejuvenated? Take Time Off Work

Taking time off is essential for your wellbeing

Work-Life Balance

Flex Is the Future: 19 Companies with Incredible Remote & Flexible Working Benefits

The opportunities of a work-lifetime

Work-Life Balance

The Best Work-Life Balance Companies & What They Do Right

As rated by women who work there

Mental Health

Return to Office, Maybe? How to Reduce Stress & Maintain Flexibility Amid Changing Routines

When to talk to your boss and when to start job searching


Ways Women Work: How Caregiving & Unpaid Work Disproportionately Affect Women

And ways companies, allies, and partners can help


Ways Women Work: How Emotional Labor Weighs On Women & 10 Ways to Ease the Burden

The work you carry with you after you’ve clocked out

Work-Life Balance

Hello, Flexibility: The 23 Best Jobs for Work-Life Balance

Work hard, life hard

Work-Life Balance

Why We Should All Resolve to Ditch Hustle Culture

Grind to a halt


How to Balance Building a Career While Being a Full-Time Mom

And 4 qualities to look for in a prospective employer


30 Realities of Being a Working Mom & How to Deal

We hit the motherload with this one

Career Development

Boost Your Productivity! 20 Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Calculating peak capacity

Work-Life Balance

11 Things That Make People Unbelievably Happy

Friendship sun, salary moon, PTO rising

Mental Health

18 Therapy-Backed Ways to Feel Better ASAP

Desperately seeking: serotonin

Mental Health

What It Means to Reach Burnout: Your Work, Your Time & Your Health

Let the boundary-setting begin


50 Uplifting Songs to Keep You Happy & Motivated

Girl, put your records on


25 Creative Jobs That Actually Pay Well

No more starving artists

Career Development

How to Reach Your Flow State & Stay There

Go with the flow

Work-Life Balance

Are You a Workaholic? Here’s How to Know

Work hard, work hard, amirite?

Work-Life Balance

16 No-Guilt Guilty Pleasures That Make Life a Little Sweeter

There's no shame in being exactly who you are