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Not having a job can be stressful and emotional. Find out how to take care of yourself, optimize this time off the clock, and get back to work.

Career Development

Ready to Quit? Here’s What to Say When Resigning Verbally

Find out when a written letter is needed, too


How to Talk About Your Layoff in a Job Interview

Honesty is the best policy

Mental Health

How to Quit a Job Due to Mental Health Reasons

And how to cope in the meantime

Finding a Job

63 Companies Hiring in 2023 Amid Layoffs

You can still find a job right now


Unemployed? Here Are 4 Tips for Creating a Healthy Structure Between Jobs

What to prioritize and when to take a break


10 Actions to Take After an Unexpected Layoff

First, take a deep breath

Career Development

Everything You Need to Know Before Quitting Without a Job Lined Up

Plus, what such departures should signal to employers

Return to Work

Struggling to Get Back into the Workforce? Here Are 4 Ways to Reframe Your Return

Your skills are more marketable than you think

Career Development

7 Steps to Rebuild Your Career & Start Over

Lots of deep breaths

Workplace Rights

Can an Employer Fire You After Giving Two-Weeks Notice?

And what to do if it does happen

Mental Health

How & Where to Find Help if You’re Depressed & Unemployed

Free and low-cost help


Need a Job ASAP? 10 Things to Do Right Now

Like, yesterday

Career Development

Furloughs, NDAs, & Other Contracts That Affect Your Employment

You don't have to sign everything


Can't Find a Job? Here Are 26 Quick Actions You Can Take Today

I believe in you


Understanding Severance Pay: The Best of a Bad Situation

What you can expect to receive, how to get more


I Was Laid Off. Now What?

Don’t take it personally

Ask a Recruiter

Ask a Recruiter: Why Won’t Anyone Hire Me?

This is getting old


How Long Will It Take to Get a Job? Here’s What the Data Says

Plus, tips for speeding up your job search


Relatable Feelings After You’ve Been Laid Off (& How to Overcome Them)

Keep your head up. You will be okay. Promise.

Career Development

Should I Quit My Job? 4 Signs It’s Time to Go

How to know you’re ready to move on