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Equal Opportunities

Glass ceilings, glass cliffs, glass everywhere. Unfortunately, in our workforce, hard work doesn't always equal a fair shake. Learn what causes opportunities to break down and how we can fix that.


The Difference Between Overt & Covert: Recognizing Hidden Systemic Racism & Sexism

Gaslighting has entered the chat


Why These 13 Male-Dominated Industries Are Good for Women’s Careers

Where the boys are


Fatphobia at Work: How to Recognize It & End It

Enough is enough

Culture & Professionalism

Signs of a Toxic Boss & What to Do About Them

And how their behavior affects your career and mental health


7 Hidden Ways Companies Can Buy Into Gender Equality Fast

Get leaders, managers, and teams onboard


What Is Gendered Language & What Are the Alternatives?

Times when you might be gatekeeping without even knowing it

Employer Resources

Succession Planning: Building Diversity, Equity & Inclusion into Your Company’s Leadership Pipeline

What you need to do to ensure the advancement of next-gen women leaders

Equal Opportunities

20 Leaders Weigh In: Powerful Thoughts on Gender Equality & Diversity

How higher-ups define one of the greatest challenges of our workplaces


What Is an Equal Employment Opportunity Statement?

How to read them as applicants and employers (with examples)


Introduction to Intersectionality: 8 Ways Identity Affects Employment

There is no one-size-fits-all discrimination

Culture & Professionalism

Can a Former Employer Badmouth You?

And what you can do if they have

Employer Resources

What Is Inclusion in the Workplace?

And how do I get it right in my organization?


TERFs & The Dangers of TERFism in the Workplace

And how to stand up to exclusionary thinking

Career Development

5 Traits Women Should Lean Into

It's time to reclaim what's rightfully ours


How Do You Know If a Company Truly Embraces Diversity?

Four Black women on spotting the difference between an internalized value and lip service


10 Funny, Heartwarming & Cutting Tweets Celebrating LGBTQ Employment Rights

Following the landmark decision in Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia

Women to Know

'The Long Friday': The Story of an Unpaid Labor Strike

How Iceland became a world leader in gender equality

Employer Resources

Why Women View Your Benefits Differently Than Men Do

How gender affects what women want most from their employers

Guides to Discrimination

Just Fired: Is It Wrongful Termination?

And what to do if it is

Workplace Rights

All the Workplace Rights Your Mother Didn't Have

Happy Mother's Day to the Silent Generation, who endured everything