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  3. August 14, 2019

The 20 Best Places to Work in Dallas, According to the Women Who Work There (2019)

The most female-friendly workplaces in the city

The 20 Best Places to Work in Dallas, According to the Women Who Work There (2019)

If you’re looking for a new job in Dallas, why not start with the employers who do the best job of supporting women in the workplace?

Companies make our list because women in Dallas who either currently work for or have worked for their organization rate their employer most highly based on 16 factors of female friendliness, such as paid time off, management opportunities, flexible work hours, maternity leave, respectful coworkers, and family growth support—just to name a few.

20 best places to work in Dallas

1. Amrock

4.6 stars

California-based real estate company Amrock ranks number one on our list of the best places to work in Dallas. It gets a just-about-perfect 4.9 stars for its paid time off policy, and 4.8 stars across the board on all career opportunities factors: management opportunities, female representation in leadership, and equal opportunities for women and men.

Amrock also ranks number three on InHerSight’s 2019 list of the best companies for working moms.

2. CA Technologies

4.2 stars

CA Technologies gets its highest marks for family support factors, including paid time off, family growth support, maternity and adoptive leave, and flexible work hours. It also ranks number four on our list of the top 20 companies for maternity and adoptive leave.

3. The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

4.2 stars

Here’s what one former employee writes about working for BCG:

Overall, I consider BCG an excellent place to work for females—both consultants and administrative professionals. Diversity and inclusion are becoming even more important by the day, and there are always mentors, you just have to seek them out. I have since left BCG, and appreciate now more than ever the quality of the people and the supportiveness of the culture!

4. Intuit

4.1 stars

Software company Intuit gets high marks for wellness initiatives, paid time off, maternity and adoptive leave, and great, respectful coworkers. It also makes our 2019 list of the top tech companies where women are happiest with their pay.

We like these reviews from women who have worked at Intuit:

Tech companies are notorious for having an overwhelming male staff. Intuit not only has a higher percentage of women but so many are in leadership roles. I've never felt that my career is at all inhibited for being a woman. I am so proud to work for this company

In my experience, there are few companies who have a culture which invites cooperation, teamwork, and customer satisfaction. Intuit was one of the best. And I would still be with them today if they had not sold off the division. Would work for them again in a heartbeat! Great company

5. American Express

3.9 stars

Rounding out the top five best companies to work for in Dallas is financial services company AmEx. Women who work here rate it highly for great coworkers, management opportunities, family growth support, and paid time off.

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6. Ericsson

3.9 stars

If flexibility is what you’re looking for, check out tech company Ericsson. Its highest scores are for its telecommute policy, paid time off, great coworkers, and flexible work hours.

7. lululemon athletica

3.9 stars

Here’s what one senior-level employee at lululemon writes about working for this retailer

I have felt empowered working for lululemon both in my professional life and personal life. I appreciate the focus on both personal and professional growth and development and the inspirational people I encounter daily!

8. Custom Ink

3.8 stars

Custom Ink gets 4.5 stars for its PTO policy, 4.4 stars for equal opportunities, and 4.3 stars each for great coworkers and a social environment in the workplace.

One employee writes:

I absolutely love this job. There are so many perks to the job such as lactation rooms, on-site gym, meals 2x a week, snacks at all times (some healthy, some not so healthy), an even male to female ratio, great people, and the work isn’t boring.

9. Fidelity Investments

3.8 stars

Not only does Fidelity make it into the top 10 best places to work in Dallas, this company also ranks number four on our 2019 list of the top financial services company where women are most satisfied with their pay.

Here’s why one woman likes about working for Fidelity:

Fidelity is a great place to work for anyone. They are very inclusive of all genders and have great support for women and the LBGTQ community. Healthcare is awesome. I think everyone would agree that the pay isn’t always the highest, but with all of the benefits offered it could actually mean more for some people than If they worked somewhere else. Generally overall very satisfied with my choice of working there.

10. Principal Financial Group

3.8 stars

Principal Financial gets high scores for career growth factors, like management opportunities and female representation in leadership. This company also makes it to our list of the best places to work in NYC and the top financial services companies where women are happiest with their pay.

11. Teach for America

3.8 stars

If you’re looking to work for a mission-driven organization and climb the ladder internally, TFA might be the right place for you in Dallas. Teach for America sees its highest scores in management opportunities, female representation in leadership, and equal opportunities across genders.

12. USAA

3.8 stars

USAA gets 4.5 stars for its wellness initiatives. Behind that, maternity and adoptive leave, family growth support, paid time off, and management opportunities.

13. Alliance Data

3.7 stars

Women who work at Alliance Data love the company’s wellness initiatives, the female representation in leadership, and the opportunities to climb the ladder within the company.

14. Capital One

3.7 stars

Capital One is not only rated as one of the best places to work in Dallas, it’s also one of the top financial services companies where women are most satisfied with their pay (number two, in fact).

15. Deloitte

3.7 stars

Consultancy Deloitte gets 4.3 stars for paid time off, 4.3 stars for maternity and adoptive leave, 3.9 stars for wellness initiatives, and another 3.9 for family growth support.

16. Genentech

3.7 stars

Women who work at Genentech rate their employer most highly for paid time off, wellness initiatives, maternity and adoptive leave, family growth support, and the social activities and environment.

17. Navy Federal Credit Union

3.7 stars

We like this insightful review from a former Navy Federal employee:

Navy federal was the best company I ever worked with. They offered competitive pay, opportunities for growth, and good training and opportunities to help you reach your goal for a career. They were very focused on wellness, along with family and individual care.

They were also very fair with career advancement. I had supervisors, assistant manager, manager, and regional manager who were all women. When I told them I wanted to be in a leadership role, my assistant manager, and manager started working with me to get me better prepared to take on that role. Headquarters also offered courses for you to be able to take, and they required you to write out what your career goals were each year, and they listened to those, and worked with you to help you make those goals.

18. Procter and Gamble

3.7 stars

Consumer goods company P&G gets its best marks for PTO, maternity leave, management opportunities, equal opportunities for women and men, and wellness initiatives.

19. Stitch Fix

3.7 stars

Stitch Fix gets a stellar 4.8 stars for female representation in leadership, 4.3 stars for equal opportunities, and 4.2 stars for management opportunities.

20. American Heart Association

3.6 stars

The only Dallas-based organization on our list, the American Heart Association is highly ranked for career growth factors (like management opportunities and female representation in leadership), and gets good scores for its PTO and wellness initiatives.


Companies with ratings and reviews from at least 50 current or former US-based employees are eligible for this list. Company ratings accurate as of August 9, 2019.

InHerSight has ratings and reviews of more than 120K companies in the United States.

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Photo of Emily McCrary-Ruiz-Esparza

Emily was previously on staff at InHerSight, where she researched and wrote about data that described women in the workplace, specifically societal barriers to advancement, and workplace rights. Her bylines include Fast Company and The Glossary Co.

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