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Employer Resources

Hey, women-friendly employer! Use these data and resources to position your company as a leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Are Unpaid Take-Home Interview Assignments Ethical? We Asked 2 Experts.

How to gauge whether you should ask for payment

Employer Resources

How to Fairly Evaluate Nontraditional Candidates During & After an Interview

Plus, self-reflection questions to better assess your interview tactics


Your Guide to Thoughtfully Discussing Grief with Direct Reports

How to offer tangible support

Employer Resources

Why Some Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Crisis Responses Fail + What to Do Instead

Plus, data on how a subpar response affects company perception

Employer Resources

Beyond Surveying: 5 Steps for a Deep Culture Audit in 2024

Your New Year’s resolution? Meaningful change


Misgendering in the Workplace: How to Self-Correct & Correct Others

“Correcting any type of harmful language in the workplace takes practice”


Let’s Talk Menopause at Work: Why Employers Should Be Offering Menopause Benefits

“One person is not enough. We have to work as a team.”

Employer Resources

Are Your Employees Stuck in a Rut? Here’s How to Inspire Creativity in Your Workplace

Keep burnout at bay with these 11 activities

Employer Resources

23 Phrases That Create Psychologically Safe Conversations at Work

Help your workplace grow and succeed

Employer Resources

Marginalized Employees Want You to Talk About Gender Identity & Expression at Work. Here’s How.

But they don’t want to lead the discussions—and that’s important

Career Development

Career Mapping: What It Is & 7 Ways Employers Can Create a Successful Plan

Plus, how to view career maps through a DEI lens


How to Foster & Support Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Plus, why inclusive management tactics mean better support for everyone

Employer Resources

This Is Why You Need a ‘Chief Encourager’ Stat

According to our data, 81% of women who report low encouragement are likely to leave their roles or companies in the next 12 months


55 Best Interview Questions to Ask Candidates in 2024

Find the right candidate


5 Culture-Building Exercises For Cross-Cultural Teams

Plus, tips on how to navigate cultural gaps


The Problem with Groupthink in the Workplace? Everything

And three ways to break out of the box


13 Must-Have Inclusive Workplace Practices

From hiring to company culture


‘Culture Fit:’ The Diversity Issues with This Hiring Practice & How to Build Culture More Inclusively

How to move past “fit” and toward “add”


How to Shift from Culture Fit Interview Questions to ‘Culture Add’ or ‘Mindset Fit’

No more clone hires

Employer Resources

3 Things No One Is Talking About That Make Workers Not Want to Quit

Our latest data on the importance of strategic DEI initiatives