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Employer Resources

Hey, women-friendly employer! Use these data and resources to position your company as a leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion.


5 Culture-Building Exercises For Cross-Cultural Teams

Plus, tips on how to navigate cultural gaps


The Problem with Groupthink in the Workplace? Everything

And three ways to break out of the box


13 Must-Have Inclusive Workplace Practices

From hiring to company culture


‘Culture Fit:’ The Diversity Issues with This Hiring Practice & How to Build Culture More Inclusively

How to move past “fit” and toward “add”


How to Shift from Culture Fit Interview Questions to ‘Culture Add’ or ‘Mindset Fit’

No more clone hires

Employer Resources

3 Things No One Is Talking About That Make Workers Not Want to Quit

Our latest data on the importance of strategic DEI initiatives

Culture & Professionalism

Psychological Safety at Work Is Essential: 7 Ways to Cultivate It

Safety first

Employer Resources

What Women Want Most from Their Employers at This Stage of the Pandemic

How must-haves have changed amid the ongoing global health crisis


How to Hold a Meaningful Roundtable Discussion

Conversation—with a purpose


Required Skills Aren’t Necessarily Required. Here’s What It Means to Be ‘Qualified’ for a Job

Plus, ways hiring managers and nontraditional candidates can meet in the middle


The Importance of Building Trust at Work

It takes two to tango


How to Make the Job Promotion Process Equitable & Why Women Fall Behind

Guarantee fairness and transparency


The Value of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Workplace

Plus, three companies doing it right


Gender-Neutral Terms for the Workplace & Beyond

To infinity, folks!


How to Create a Culture of Accountability in the Workplace

More than sound bites and good intentions


Trust, Accountability & Retention: Why Transparency at Work Matters

It’s the ownership for us

Employer Resources

Considering a Hybrid Work Model? Plan the Shift Around These 4 Factors

How to make “work from everywhere” work


Fatphobia at Work: How to Recognize It & End It

Enough is enough

Employer Resources

The One Wellness Benefit Your Employees Want Most

10 ways to start providing it to them ASAP

Employer Resources

The Case for Reskilling & Upskilling During the Pandemic

It might be exactly what your employees need