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Fidelity Investments

3.7 | Boston, MA | Financial Services | 5001 to 10000 Employees
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We encourage women to leave anonymous comments about their experience at Fidelity Investments. First-hand reviews can give you an idea of individual experiences.


Fidelity is a great place to work for anyone. They are very inclusive of all genders and have great support for women and the LBGTQ community. Health care is awesome. I think everyone would agree that the pay isn’t always the highest, but with all of the benefits offered it could actually mean more for some people than If they worked somewhere else. Generally overall very satisfied with my choice of working there.

Satisfied Rater

Great company and benefits, just the role or industry I want to be in

Satisfied Rater
Early Career

The job itself was torturous, but that’s just customer service. There were many women in leadership positions, and networking groups for female employees—which I participated in. If I ever want to start a family, I’ll probably go back to Fidelity. They offer generous maternity (and paternity) leave and have excellent health insurance.

Satisfied Rater
Early Career

High stress environment, and very ruthless with those in early career. Especially if you're pregnant.

Indifferent Rater
Early Career

Great company, pay, PTO, maternity leave. Really nothing bad to say.

Very Satisfied Rater
Early Career
Fidelity Investments logo

About Fidelity Investments

At Fidelity, we're all about helping our customers live the lives they want. From the 23 million people investing their life savings, to the 20,000 businesses managing their employee benefits programs, to the 10,000 advisors and institutions needing innovative technology solutions to invest their clients' money, everything we do is done to help them achieve their goals.

As a privately held company, we believe that a nurturing work environment attracts the best talent and reflects our commitment to being a place where people want to work. For the women who thrive at Fidelity, we know that our strengths deliver amazing results: the ability to respond with compassion and respect, the insights that underpin the achievement of long-term goals, and the pride that comes with getting the details just right. We are, and always have been, a company that respects the value of our women associates, who contribute at every level of the organization.

Benefits & Perks

This information is provided by Fidelity Investments


Schedules & Flexibility

  • 15 paid time off days/year (average)
  • Flexible work hours available

Training & Education

  • Tuition reimbursement
  • On-site training opportunities
  • Conference reimbursement

Career Support

  • Mentorship or sponsorship program
  • Women's affiliate group
  • Diversity council

Family Leave

  • 16 weeks fully paid maternity leave
  • 6 weeks fully paid paternity leave
  • 6 weeks fully paid adoptive leave

Family Support

  • Dedicated lactation facilities
  • Adoptive assistance

Wellness Initiatives

  • Gym membership subsidy
  • Tobacco-free workplace
  • Subsidized healthy food
  • Yoga and/or meditation
  • Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • On-Site Health & Wellness Centers
  • Step Ahead Student loan Assistance
  • Commuter Benefit Program
  • Employee Discount Program
  • 401K Contributions
  • Catch-Up Contributions

Office perks

  • Subsidized food

Jobs at Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments has no jobs listed at this time.

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Fidelity Investments is a financial services company headquartered in the Boston, MA area that employs 5001 to 10000 people. Fidelity Investments has a 3.7-star InHerSight Score, based on 2,976 ratings from 198 current or former employees. 45 participants left comments about their experience working for the company. InHerSight collects anonymous employee ratings and reviews from women for companies like Fidelity Investments and shares that information publicly to empower working women to make better decisions about their careers and where they work.

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