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Gender is one aspect of identity, but there are so many others. See how gender intersects with race, LGBTQ, age, money, and more.


Are You Guilty of Virtue Signaling? (Hint: We All Are)

Experts weigh in on what it means to actually take a stand


How to Respectfully Bring Up Partners & Relationships at Work

Navigating the tricky boundary between personal and professional


Why Do We Still Mark Equal Pay Day in 2024?

What the milestone really means for working women


An Ally’s Guide to Apologizing in the Workplace in 2024

How to say sorry for interrupting, misgendering, and more


Are You Constantly On Guard at Work? You Might Be Experiencing Emotional Tax

The enormous cost of an unjust world


Where Do Women Experience Gender Bias? Everywhere.

It’s in our pay and the products we use


Misgendering in the Workplace: How to Self-Correct & Correct Others

“Correcting any type of harmful language in the workplace takes practice”


What Is Systemic Oppression? Definition, Examples & The Impact on Marginalized Groups

The origins of discrimination and what experts say can help


Intersectionality: Defining the Term & How It Shows Up in the Workplace

Four examples of intersectionality in action


Let’s Talk Menopause at Work: Why Employers Should Be Offering Menopause Benefits

“One person is not enough. We have to work as a team.”


The Reality of the Glass Cliff for Women Leaders

Who falls when a company goes south?


Discover Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Complete This 30-Day Challenge

What to listen to, watch, and read

Employer Resources

23 Phrases That Create Psychologically Safe Conversations at Work

Help your workplace grow and succeed


We Need More People Talking About Colorism in the Workplace

How skin-tone bias affects opportunity and perception

Career Development

Gen Z in the Workplace: 5 Essential Things to Know About This Rising Generation

What they care about and how they will change our workforce


Disability Awareness: 5 Tips for Making Your Management Style More Inclusive

Foster inclusivity, awareness, and safety for your employees


How to Foster & Support Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Plus, why inclusive management tactics mean better support for everyone

Guides to Discrimination

Are You Being Discriminated Against at Work? 10 Signs to Look Out For

Learn the red flags


Defining Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI): The Terms + Why They Matter Now More Than Ever

Even in economic downturns, it’s important to put DEI first

Mental Health

Mental Health Tips & Resources for LGBTQ+ Employees

Hotlines, online chats, and email support