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Mentorship Articles

A positive mentorship can be a working woman's ticket to career advancement. We'll tell you how to find and reach out to a mentor, present you with the latest research about the benefits of mentorship, and let you know which companies and industries have the best programs.
The Top 5 Ways Women Can Support Other Women in the Workforce
When one of us wins, we all win
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How to Ask for an Informational Interview & Get One
When you want to ‘pick their brain’
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How to Find a Mentor & How to Ask
Do you have to ask, ‘Will you be my mentor?’
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In Defense of Male Managers
Good ones are out there—we need to remember that
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Women in the News + Women's Equality Day
August 26: Badass women and the news that affects them
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Your Inner Circle is Your Ticket to the Top
How to build a network that matters, according to research
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Equal Opportunities
3 Ways to Overcome a Boys' Club (Even if There Are No Boys)
Yes, it's ladies night, and we're feeling—righteous
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Occupational Sorting: Does Job Choice Affect the Gender Pay Gap?
Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Read the article
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How to Find a Mentor in the Age of #MeToo
Research shows male managers are questioning whether to mentor women. Here’s how to find the guidance you need if the guys at the top aren’t on your side.
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Career Change
It’s Hard to Change Careers—These Companies Are Making it Easier
Thanks to recent pushes for diversity and inclusion, women who want to switch industries can get companies—not their own wallets—to back the change.
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8 Ways Women Are Helping Women at Work
How women in the InHerSight community lift each other up
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Women to Know
Debra Simon: The Inspirational Woman Behind Carolina Woman Magazine
The magazine that gives professional women in the Triangle their hard-earned recognition
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Women to Know
[Interview] HBO's Bernadette Aulestia Shares 5 of Her Secrets to Success
We cover calling out company policies, tackling imposter syndrome, the value of a good boss and more
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Women to Know
How KR Liu’s Advocacy Sparked a Movement for Disability Inclusion
Insights on technology, inclusivity, mentorship, and more, from an inspirational accessibility advocate
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Work-Life Balance
How to Find Your Flock in a New City
I just moved to NYC — here's how I plan to find a supportive community
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Moms Really Do Know Best
A nod to the original mentor, and how she prepares us for leadership
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How Diverse is Your Mentorship?
The importance of being intentional when picking mentors
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How One Woman & One Business Trip Helped Me Face Imposter Syndrome
You’re rarely given an opportunity you aren’t good enough for
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The Hidden Dangers of a Half-Assed Mentorship Program
New InHerSight data show that high-quality mentorship programs for female professionals are in high demand and short supply.
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