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The 20 Best Places to Work in Denver, According to the Women Who Work There (2019)

The most female-friendly employers in The Mile-High City

Denver Flatiron Building

Our 2019 list of the best places to work in Denver is based on ratings and reviews from the women who actually work there. Users rate their employers on 16 factors of female-friendliness, like paid time off, flexible work hours, equal opportunities for women and men, female representation in leadership, and the ability to work remotely.

The 20 best companies to work for in Denver

1. CA Technologies

4.2 stars

Number one on our list of the best places to work in Denver is NYC-based software company CA Technologies. 

CA stands out for its nearly perfect score for its paid time off policy (4.9 stars), 4.8 stars for family growth support, 4.7 stars for maternity and adoptive leave, and 4.4 stars for flexible work hours.

2. Salesforce

4.0 stars

Women who work at Salesforce rate this company most highly for its maternity and adoptive leave policy, wellness initiatives, paid time off, the ability to telecommute, and family growth support.

Salesforce also ranks number seven on our 2019 list of tech companies where women are most satisfied with their pay.

3. The Motley Fool

4.0 stars

The Motley Fool gets stellar scores for wellness initiatives (4.9 stars) and paid time off (4.9 stars), maternity and adoptive leave (4.7 stars), flexible work hours (4.6 stars), and a great social environment (4.6 stars).

The Fool also made this year’s list of the best companies for working moms.

4. lululemon athletica

3.9 stars

Here’s what one satisfied rater writes about working at lululemon:

I have felt empowered working for lululemon both in my professional life and personal life. I appreciate the focus on both personal and professional growth and development and the inspirational people I encounter daily!

lululemon is highly rated by women across the country as well, making our list of the best places to work in Dallas, Philadelphia, New York City, and St. Louis.

5. Edward Jones

3.8 stars

Rounding out the top five best places to work in Denver is financial services company Edward Jones, which gets high marks for maternity leave, equal opportunities, paid time off, learning opportunities, and great coworkers.

6. Fidelity Investments

3.8 stars

Women who work at Fidelity love its maternity leave policy, wellness initiatives, female representation in leadership, paid time off, and family growth support.

Fidelity Investments makes the 2019 list of the top 10 financial services companies where women are most satisfied with their pay.

7. Google

3.8 stars

Google gets 4.3 stars for wellness initiatives, 4.2 for both maternity and adoptive leave and family growth support, and 4.0 stars for both paid time off and social activities and environment.

8. PayPal

3.8 stars

Employees at PayPal rate this company most highly for its maternity and adoptive leave policy, paid time off, wellness initiatives, family growth support, and equal opportunities for women and men.

PayPal also made this year’s list of the top tech companies where women are happiest with their pay.

9. Teach For America

3.8 stars

Teach For America gets strong scores for career opportunities factors, including female representation in leadership, equal opportunities for women and men, management opportunities, and supportive coworkers.

10. USAA

3.8 stars

Women who work at USAA give this financial services company 4.5 stars for its maternity leave policy, 4.4 stars for wellness initiatives, 4.2 stars for PTO, and another 4.2 stars for family growth support.

11. Alliance Data 

3.7 stars

Here’s what two women have to say about working at Alliance Data:

Friendly people, great opportunities, and plenty of perks. Definitely a great work-life balance.

I love this company! I have been here 15 years and I have grown in every role that I've had. My manager has been extremely influential in my career. She is a mentor, a coach, and my biggest cheerleader.

12. Deloitte

3.7 stars

Here’s what one very satisfied mid-level employee says about her experience at Deloitte:

Deloitte is the best company that I have ever worked for, and from my experience in the federal sector, they truly care about their employees and the employee experience. As a woman and as an employee, I feel empowered. It’s not perfect, but I can’t recommend it enough if consulting is your desired career path.

13. Genentech

3.7 stars

Biotech firm Genentech gets high scores for paid time off, wellness initiatives, maternity and adoptive leave, family growth support, and social activities and environment.

14. Navy Federal Credit Union

3.7 stars

Navy Federal gets high scores for three of the top four factors early career women want from their employer: paid time off, management opportunities, and equal opportunities for women and men.

15. Procter and Gamble

3.7 stars

Employees at P&G give this employer its best scores for paid time off, maternity leave, management opportunities, equal opportunities, and flexible work hours.


3.6 stars

Women who work at love the female representation in leadership, their respectful and supportive coworkers, the wellness initiatives, the management opportunities, and equal opportunities for women and men.


3.6 stars gets solid scores for equal opportunities for women and men, flexible work hours, respectful and supportive coworkers, ability to telecommute, and paid time off—all of the top five things working mothers tell InHerSight they want most from an employer.

18. Dell

3.6 stars

We like these insightful reviews from women who work at Dell:

Dell is a great, family-friendly place to work. It's not perfect, but the flexibility is phenomenal.

Have enjoyed the flexible work arrangements, travel opportunities, and trust from leadership to get my job done in the way that's best for me and my family.

19. EF Education First

3.6 stars

Education management company EF Education First stands out on our list of the best Denver employers for its 4.6-star wellness initiatives.

Here’s what some women say about this company:

I really enjoy working at EF. There are a lot of perks which do reward the hard work more than your check does. I really like working from home.

The office is 60 percent+ women who are smart and professional. It has been so rewarding working with like minded strong women every day!

Great first job out of college and place to grow and learn. Interesting people, culture and perks.

20. Humana

3.6 stars

We found this review of Humana particularly helpful:

I worked at Humana for 12 years and I had great experiences there. There are plenty of learning opportunities. They are a little behind in full time WAH opportunities but they are getting better all the time. There are plenty of mentor opportunities and advancement.

Humana also makes our 2019 list of the best insurance companies to work for.


Companies with ratings and reviews from at least 50 current or former U.S.-based employees are eligible for this list. Company ratings accurate as of September 25, 2019.

InHerSight has ratings and reviews of more than 120K companies in the United States.

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By Emily McCrary-Ruiz-Esparza

Content Strategist, InHerSight

Emily is on staff at InHerSight where she researches and writes about data that describes women in the workplace, women's compensation and contract literacy, and women's rights in the workplace. 

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