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The Motley Fool has an active Diversity, Inclusion and Connection committee which is creating dialogue and action around all diversity, but is especially attuned to the opportunities for women internally and how to connect with women tech and finance groups externally.

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It's a company that tries really hard to do the right thing.

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They have started posting and interviewing for all internal jobs, which is a significant improvement. In the past a lot of the stress came from unexpected (and seemingly unfair) reorgs.

Very Satisfied Rater

The company has a big focus on being a "great place to work", and they have a lot of great policies to support your life and health outside of work, including family life, which are real policies that people take full advantage of. A few standout metrics to me:
1) Men actually take the parental leave that is offered, and no one questions it. In fact, I've never been in a work culture where it was more okay to talk about your family than The Fool.
2) The take-what-you-need vacation policy is for real. They even have a monthly lottery, in which the winner is required to take a vacation in the following 4 weeks, with some vacation money from the company. This event also serves to remind everyone that taking time off is expected and encouraged. (The line is usually: "if you're really hoping it's gonna be you: we have unlimited vacation, maybe you should take one".)

That said, there is huge room for improvement in the more specific things around diversity. My impression was largely that leadership cares, but is somewhat clueless as to how to go about making things better, and either unwilling or clueless about educating themselves further. During my tenure, I saw a _lot_ of diversity work being placed on the shoulders of the existing "diverse" employees (mostly women... there aren't many people of color at TMF), in the guise of that being a "leadership opportunity". There didn't seem to be any recognition of the fact that those people were already doing important diversity work just by being there. If TMF wants to do better, they need to make diversity work institutionally important, not a niche project that the already more privileged employees can opt out of with no consequence. For example, make investing in culture and diversity one of the things that is explicitly considered for raises or promotions.

Also, the somewhat freewheeling culture and general allergicness to process of any kind seemed generally detrimental on a diversity front. I never felt like I had any path of support or recourse for the ordinary subtle sexism I encountered on a daily basis, as the "make your own path" culture seems to also mean "solve your own problems". Recognizing that some people are at a natural disadvantage for addressing certain types of problems would be really valuable for the Fool.

All that said, I left for reasons having to do with the details of the work itself, and there not being opportunity for me to exercise the skills I wanted to exercise, which is somewhat particular to my set of interests.

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Overall, you'll find that leadership at the Fool is incredibly well-meaning and has great intentions. But, you can't fight some of the problems intrinsic to a company that was so male-dominated in its early stages. There are excellent perks and benefits that help you feel satisfied with your life OUTSIDE work -- a generous parental and time off policy, an incredible wellness program, and generally fun and friendly colleagues ready to help you with a project or give you advice on a vacation destination. In terms of women's career prospects here, however, there's been a frustrating lack of focused attention on learning/development and mentorship. Women are more commonly hired into supportive roles, and even when they demonstrate enormous potential, leadership and organizational development seems clueless as to help them grow into new roles that can bring value to the company. Business slow-downs like hiring freezes also reinforce the current status quo of higher-level roles for men and lower-level roles for women. I am hopeful things will continue to improve in the future, but as it currently stands, the organization could stand to take a critical look at how they can better support the career potential of female Fools.

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