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The Best Insurance Companies to Work For, As Rated by Women (2019)

The top spots for insurance gigs this year

The Best Insurance Companies to Work For, As Rated by Women (2019)

There are approximately 2.66 million people working in insurance, a number that’s more than doubled since 1960, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics says the industry’s growth outlook is positive, estimating 43,500 new insurance jobs will be added between 2012 and 2024.

Salaries vary widely across the insurance industry—anywhere from $33,000 to more than $100,000, estimates Glassdoor —with a median income of $53,000. The highest-earning jobs in the industry are often won through climbing the ladder internally.

We reviewed ratings of more than 100,000 U.S. companies in our dataset to understand where employees in the insurance industry are most satisfied with their employers. These are the top 20 insurance companies rated most highly by the women who work there.

The best insurance companies to work for - 2019

1. The Zebra

4.5 stars

This Austin-based insurance startup ranks highly for great coworkers and paid time off, two of the four things working women say they want most from their employers. The Zebra also offers 12 weeks of fully paid maternity leave, and four weeks fully paid paternity leave.

2. Assurance Agency

4.3 stars

Here’s what a satisfied rater has to say about her experience at Assurance Agency:

This is overall a great place to work. Management is not a micro-management type of environment. Allows work from home for bad weather days/sick days and also allows set days to work remote. How happy you are depends on your team/producer. The top leadership is awesome and women are well represented at the top and throughout the agency. Training could be a little better and ongoing mentoring programs would be key to continue to support women moving up in the agency. There is little promotion from within beyond the lower level roles, that should change.

3. BlueCross BlueShield of Massachusetts

4.1 stars

InHerSight’s users rank BCBS of Massachusetts most highly for its wellness initiatives, the ability to telecommute and paid time off, as well as the amount of female representation in leadership. We’ll give a thumbs-up to that.

4. Independent Health

4.0 stars

Independent Health is based in Buffalo, New York. Its employees rank this insurance company highly for its wellness initiatives (there’s an on-site gym!), paid time off, and management opportunities. Another great perk: education assistance.

Here’s what one very satisfied rater has to say:

A fantastic place to work. It's a calm, low pressure environment that keeps its employees in mind. Women are very well represented here, as our top leadership mostly consists of them. It doesn't feel like work to be here, and I don't mind coming in. It's voted one of the top companies in the area to work at for a reason.

5. Progressive Insurance

4.0 stars

This household name comes in at number five on our list of the best insurance companies to work for. This Fortune 500 company ranks most highly for its female representation in leadership and equal opportunities for women and men. Cheers to that.

6. Allianz Global Corporate & Speciality (AGCS)

3.9 stars

Allianz is a New York City–based business and corporate insurance provider that prides itself on having cross-functional career paths, international mobility options, and job swaps. And its employees agree, giving Allianz 4.6 stars for management opportunities, 4.5 for equal opportunities for women and men, and 3.7 for learning opportunities within the company.

7. CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

3.8 stars

Women who work at CareFirst BCBS rate it highly for its paid time off policy, the ability to telecommute, and employer responsiveness (i.e., how quickly and professionally the company responds when issues like sexual harassment or discrimination are raised).

8. Freeman

3.8 stars

Freeman is one of the smallest insurance companies on our list (fewer than 50 employees), though it still made our top 10.

Here’s what one satisfied rater has to say about her experience at Freeman:

Overall, Freeman is a great place to work. We recently had a woman named our Vice Chair, which is huge. We also got paid paternal leave a couple of years ago added to our benefits. With the nature of our business, it’s difficult to completely walk away when going on PTO and many positions end up working weekends often, and there isn’t really a way they make that up to employees. I’d say that’s the biggest downside.

9. Priority Health

3.8 stars

Priority Health is a Michigan-based health insurance provider and rated by its employees as one of the best insurance companies to work for.

One review reads:

I love my job, this is a great place to work with amazing leadership and strong women killin' it every day.

We can support that.

10. American Fidelity

3.7 stars

American Fidelity is an employer benefits provider based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. American Fidelity offers tuition reimbursement programs and on-site trainings, 100 percent 401(k) match, and flexible work schedules, just to name a few perks.

InHerSight’s users also rate it highly for its wellness initiatives, paid time off, the ability to telecommute, and equal opportunities for women and men.

11. Erie Insurance Group

3.7 stars

Erie Insurance provides auto, home, life, and business insurance. They actively hire military veterans, provide internal trainings to help employees move up in their careers (users give them 3.9 stars for learning opportunities), and offer community engagement programs that afford employees work hours to serve in their communities.

12. National Indemnity Company

3.7 stars

National Indemnity Company employees rate this Omaha-based insurance company highly for its wellness initiatives, great coworkers, paid time off, and equal opportunities for women and men.

13. Symetra Financial

3.7 stars

Employees at Symetra Financial give this insurance company 4.5 stars for its maternity leave policy (four week paid leave) and another 4.5 stars for female representation in leadership.

One former employee wrote of her experience:

It was refreshing to see many examples of women in leadership roles contributing to the success of the company. Working in the business of retirement plans, annuities, and life insurance was ultimately not for me, but I am happy for Symetra and its employees nonetheless:)

14. Berkshire Hathaway

3.6 stars

One of the largest companies on our list, Berkshire Hathaway stands out for its 4.5-star rating for employer responsiveness. Employees also rate them highly for great coworkers and management opportunities.

15. BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee

3.6 stars

BCBS of Tennessee gets its highest ratings—4.6 stars—for its wellness initiatives, which include free fitness facilities, free health and nutrition coaching, an on-site med clinic and pharmacy, and a seasonal on-site farmers market. According to BCBS Tennessee’s website, 28 percent of its workforce works from home (our users give this insurance company 3.8 stars for the ability to telecommute).

16. CareSource

3.6 stars

Based in Dayton, Ohio, CareSource employees give the company its highest scores for wellness initiatives (4.2 stars), ability to telecommute (4.2 stars), female representation in leadership (4.2 stars), and paid time off (4.0 stars).

17. CUNA Mutual Group

3.6 stars

On this list of the best insurance companies to work for, CUNA stands out for its 4.0-star rating for family growth support—i.e., access to dedicated lactation rooms, child care, and expense reimbursement, etc.

18. Humana

3.6 stars

Humana provides programs aimed at helping its employees move up and grow in their careers, including tuition assistance programs, leadership development, career resources, and an internal mentorship program. Humana employees give its learning opportunities 3.6 stars and its mentorship program a 3.1.

19. NFP

3.6 stars

According to NFP, 64 percent of its workforce is female and 30 percent of its senior leadership is female. InHerSight’s users give this insurance provider a 3.7 when it comes to female representation in leadership. Its highest score is for paid time off (4.2 stars); NFP offers 18 paid vacation days per year plus 10 paid vacation days.

20. Texas Mutual Insurance Company

3.6 stars

Rounding out our 2019 list of the best insurance companies to work for is Austin-based workers’ compensation provider Texas Mutual gets its highest ratings for great coworkers (4.1 stars) and equal opportunities for women and men (also 4.1 stars). This company also stands out because of  its 3.9-star rating for internal learning opportunities.


Companies with ratings and reviews from at least 50 current or former US-based employees are eligible for this list. Company ratings accurate as of June 10, 2019.

InHerSight has ratings and reviews for more than 120K companies in the United States.

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