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Gender Pay Gap

Women are paid less than men, but the gender pay gap is much more complicated than a paycheck. Dive into the history, data, and intersectionality of gender inequality’s open secret.


Why Do We Still Mark Equal Pay Day in 2024?

What the milestone really means for working women


Your Resource Guide to Understanding the Intersectional Gender Pay Gap

A light introduction to a heavy topic


Lilly Ledbetter, Fair Pay & 4 Ways You Can Honor Her Legacy

It's never the wrong time to ask your coworker how much he makes


Gender Parity in the Workplace: What Is It & What Can We Do About It?

The measure of representation

Equal Opportunities

20 Leaders Weigh In: Powerful Thoughts on Gender Equality & Diversity

How higher-ups define one of the greatest challenges of our workplaces

Women to Know

'The Long Friday': The Story of an Unpaid Labor Strike

How Iceland became a world leader in gender equality


Gender Pay Gap Statistics You Need to Know

Unequal pay hurts us all


How to Ask Someone How Much Money They Make

Nope, it's not TMI


Why the Gender Pay Gap Exists, According to Research

In case you were wondering, the gap in the U.S. will close in a cool, casual 100 years


6 Common Myths About Equal (or Unequal) Pay

"The gender pay gap doesn't exist," he said. "It will be fine," he said.

Women to Know

Meet Equal Pay Pioneer Esther Peterson

The educator, labor organizer, and women’s rights advocate who drafted the Equal Pay Act of 1963


Occupational Sorting: Does Job Choice Affect the Gender Pay Gap?

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Read the article


Self-Employed Women Face Unknown Gender Pay Gap

When you strike out on your own, you might not know men are being paid more than you. Our suggestion? Start talking

Women to Know

Meet Equal Pay Pioneer Sue Cowan Williams

Years before the civil rights movement, this Arkansas teacher fought for equal pay in Little Rock schools, despite the personal cost


What the Gender Pay Gap Means for Asian-American Women

A small pay gap does not equal advancement


How Industry & Company Culture Affect the Gender Pay Gap

Women in STEM, this one's for you


Gender-Dominated Field? Don’t Worry—Everyone Gets a Pay Gap

Whether male- or female-dominated, it's nice to know we're all in this together, right? Um...


7 Indirect Ways to Close the Gender Pay Gap

It starts before you’re even hired, and it’s almost always uncomfortable

Women to Know

Meet Equal Pay Pioneer Emma Tenayuca

While fighting for better pay, she sparked a civil rights movement and championed a minimum-wage law


How Ending the Motherhood Penalty Benefits All

Working moms make less than men and women without children. It’s time for that to stop