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Working Mom

You love your kids, but that doesn't mean you're done with your career. Here's what every working mom needs to know about maternity leave, paid time off, flexibility, and other support needed from companies.

Return to Work

A New Parent’s Guide to Navigating the Postpartum Phase at Work

Plus, how managers can offer practical support

Working Mom

30+ Quotes from Working Moms Who Get It

“It is hard to be a good, present parent if you aren't your best self.”

Working Mom

40+ Moms Answer: How Does Your Company Support You as a Working Parent?

“With commitment to work-life balance, flexibility, and great benefits, my company ensures I can prioritize my family without sacrificing my career ambitions.”


Working While Pregnant? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Take care of yourself mentally and physically

Working Mom

Know Your Rights: How The PUMP Act Protects & Supports Working Mothers

What millions of breastfeeding mothers can expect at work


How We All Can Help Improve Paid Parental Leave Policy Now

Giving better support to working parents benefits everyone


Write the Perfect Maternity Leave Out-of-Office Message! 19 Examples Inside

When your inbox will be the last thing on your mind

Career Trajectories

How 3 Moms Made Career Breaks Work for Their Trajectories

"Anything that costs you your mental health is too expensive"


Ways Women Work: How Caregiving & Unpaid Work Disproportionately Affect Women

And ways companies, allies, and partners can help


How to Balance Building a Career While Being a Full-Time Mom

And 4 qualities to look for in a prospective employer

Guides to Discrimination

Are You on the ‘Mommy Track’? How to Know & What to Do About It

Derailing discrimination


30 Realities of Being a Working Mom & How to Deal

We hit the motherload with this one

Career Development

Boost Your Productivity! 20 Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Calculating peak capacity

Working Mom

20+ Pandemic Moms on Ways Companies Have Made Working & Parenting Possible

Flexibility, empathy, and putting people first

Working Mom

Tell Us Without Telling Us: What’s It Like to Be a Working Mom During the Pandemic?

Lol, things are kind of bad, no?

Working Mom

Why Companies Should Hire Moms, According to Moms

You’ll never guess what the M in MVP actually stands for

Mental Health

How to Cope with Constantly Being Overwhelmed

For when 'wearing multiple hats' is an understatement

Employer Resources

2 Under-the-Radar Ways to Support & Retain Working Moms During the Pandemic

Job satisfaction among moms is lower than usual, but company culture fixes can change that

Employer Resources

Study: What Employers Can Do to Keep Moms in the Workforce

60% of working moms say the effects of the pandemic could push them out of work


Study: What Working Moms Need Most During COVID-19 as Work-from-Home Orders Are Extended

How employers, employees, coworkers, and partners can support moms who are working from home and caring for children