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Athleisure? More Like Athbusiness.

15 companies with wellness programs worth your workout wardrobe

For the most part, I’ve stopped making excuses for my gym clothes and tennis shoes. At brunches, school plays, neighborhood gatherings, networking events and, of course, at work, you’ll pretty much always find me in Lulu leggings and Sauconys.

But unlike Mel C, aka Sporty Spice , I wasn’t always like this. It wasn’t until I worked for a company with a deep commitment to health, wellness, and general wellbeing that I started my transition from waking up early to sweat pre-work, to bringing my gym bag with a change of clothes for mid-day exercise, to finally just wearing my exercise clothes all day long. With fitness and yoga classes available throughout the day and treadmill desks aplenty, athleisure wear (or, as I prefer to call it, “athbusiness”) wasn’t just more comfortable, it was far more efficient.

Workplaces that Work Out

Working for a company that prioritized wellness not only changed my style, it made me a happier, healthier, more dedicated employee. And despite the fact that the broader benefits of corporate wellness programs are still up for debate, the corporate wellness industry has been growing faster than cleanses and crossfit.

According to research from the Society of Human Resource Management , wellness programs were at the top of the list of benefits companies improved in 2017, with nearly 24% of employers boosting their wellness offerings. In fact, corporate wellness is now a $7 billion industry .

Whether it’s in-office exercise classes, gym subsidies, free healthy snacks, or any other array of wellbeing perks, if you’re looking for a workplace that places a priority on wellness, this list is a great place to start. And if you’re looking for your next fitness obsession, my personal (unsponsored) recommendation is pilates by @lauraroseyoga -- it’s the best $5 / month you’ll ever spend .

Company Wellness Rating
(out of 5)
lululemon athletica 4.9
The Motley Fool 4.9
Navy Federal Credit Union 4.6
Intuit 4.6
Sterling-Rice Group 4.5
USAA 4.5
Google 4.5
Alliance Data 4.4
Cleveland Clinic 4.4
PayPal 4.3
Progressive Insurance 4.3
Cerner Corporation 4.3
Rackspace 4.2
Fidelity Investments 4.2
Genentech 4.2

Ratings as of 2/3/2018

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