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The 20 Best Places to Work in Boston, According to the Women Who Work There (2019)

The most female-friendly employers in Beantown

The 20 Best Places to Work in Boston, According to the Women Who Work There (2019)

If you’re looking for a new job in Boston, start here, with InHerSight’s list of the most female-friendly employers in the city.

Our list of the best places to work in Boston is created using ratings and reviews from the women who actually work at these companies—real-world, firsthand experience.

The 20 best places to work in Boston

1. HubSpot

4.3 stars

Number one on our list of the best places to work in Boston is HubSpot, which gets an outstanding aggregated 4.7-star rating for its family support policies. It gets 4.8 stars for ability to telecommute, paid time off, and flexible work hours—three of the top five factors working mothers say they want most from employers.

2. The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

4.2 stars

Here’s what one reviewer writes about working for BCG:

BCG is truly committed to making this a great place to work for women. This is reinforced continually by leadership and the fact that they are regularly launching new initiatives or expanding programs to increase the representation, success, and satisfaction of women at the firm.

3. Intuit

4.1 stars

Tech company Intuit gets a stand-out 4.6 stars for its wellness initiatives and an excellent 4.2 stars for respectful and supportive coworkers.

4. Johnson & Johnson

4.0 stars

Here’s what one very satisfied mid-level rater says about working for J&J:

I am female, an Army veteran, and LGBT. I am treated as an equal and my wife is able to share my benefits. Whether we adopt or we have a child, I will be able to get full maternity leave. Many women hold vice president and general manager positions. It is a very empowering place to work.

5. Salesforce

4.0 stars

Women who work at Salesforce give their employer its best scores for maternity and adoptive leave, wellness initiatives, paid time off, and ability to telecommute.

6. Ericsson

3.9 stars

One of the reasons Ericsson makes our list of top Boston employers is its stellar scores for the ability to telecommute, paid time off, great coworkers, flexible work hours, and equal opportunities for women and men—ticking the boxes on the top five things working moms want most at work.

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7. lululemon athletica

3.9 stars

lululemon ranks most highly for personal development factors, like female representation in leadership, management opportunities, and equal opportunities for women and men.

8. Bozzuto

3.8 stars

Real estate company Bozzuto racks up impressive 4.8-star scores for management opportunities and female representation in leadership, plus 4.7 stars for equal opportunities for women and men.

9. Edward Jones

3.8 stars

One very satisfied rater writes this about working for financial services company Edward Jones:

I’ve never felt so supported with any other employer. I have a very young child, so I must be flexible in my work. No one puts you on the “Mommy Plan” when it comes to growth and leadership opportunities. They support a full four-month maternity leave as well as full benefits for domestic partners!

10. Fidelity Investments

3.8 stars

Rounding out the top 10 in our list of the best places to work in Boston is Fidelity Investments, which also ranks in the top 10 on our 2019 list of the top financial services companies where women are most satisfied with their pay.

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11. Google

3.8 stars

Google employees give the company 4.3 stars for wellness initiatives, 4.2 stars for maternity leave and family growth support, and 4.0 stars for paid time off and a great social environment.

12. PayPal

3.8 stars

Here’s what one mid-level employee has to say about working for PayPal:

As a woman, this is a great place to work. Very much equal opportunities and pay. I had more female managers than male. Great compensation plans and access to support for moms.

13. USAA

3.8 stars

Financial services company USAA makes our list of top Boston companies for its highly rated maternity leave policy (4.5 stars), wellness initiatives (4.4 stars), and paid time off (4.2 stars).

14. Alliance Data

3.7 stars

Here’s what two women at Alliance Data say about working here:

I've worked for Alliance Data for nearly a year. Looking back to the day of my interview, I was worried that the positive perception I had of the company, from what I saw that day, was a mirage. I had no need to worry. The culture and the people are both truly interested in each associate's growth and development. Additionally, the company is honestly great at offering a life/work balance.

I love this company! I have been here 15 years and I have grown in every role that I've had. My manager has been extremely influential in my career. She is a mentor, a coach, and my biggest cheerleader.

15. Biogen

3.7 stars

Cambridge-based Biogen gets its best scores for our family growth factors, which include paid time off, family growth support, maternity and adoptive leave, supportive coworkers, and flexible work hours.

16. Capital One

3.7 stars

Women who work at Capital One give this financial services company 4.5 stars for its maternity and adoptive leave policy, and behind that, 4.3 stars for paid time off and 4.2 for family growth support.

It also ranks number two on InHerSight’s 2019 list of the top financial services companies where women are happiest with their pay.

17. Deloitte

3.7 stars

Employees at Deloitte highly rank its PTO and maternity leave policies, plus its wellness initiatives, family growth support initiatives, and the learning opportunities.

18. Genentech

3.7 stars

San Francisco–based Genentech gets its top marks for paid time off (4.4 stars), wellness initiatives (4.2 stars), maternity and adoptive leave (4.2 stars), and family growth support (4.1 stars).

19. Harvard University

3.7 stars

Ivy Leaguer Harvard gets a solid 4.5-star rating for its paid time off policy, 4.3 for learning opportunities, and 4.0 for maternity and adoptive leave.

20. Procter and Gamble

3.7 stars

Rounding out our list is household name P&G, which gets top scores for PTO, flexible work hours, management opportunities for women, and equal opportunities for women and men—the top four things early career women want most at work.

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Companies with ratings and reviews from at least 50 current or former U.S.-based employees are eligible for this list. Company ratings accurate as of September 24, 2019.

InHerSight has ratings and reviews of more than 120K companies in the United States.

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