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Kylo Ren Is Not Your Boss

What if you were an Imperial Stormtrooper? Would you feel free to speak your mind?

Not so long ago in this very galaxy, the comedic stars aligned as Saturday Night Live mashed up Star Wars and Undercover Boss to give us a very funny four and a half minutes .

Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) went undercover as “Matt, a radar technician.” His mission, like that of all bosses on the Undercover series, was to discover what life was really like for the working folk and get their candid insights. “You get caught up in restoring the galaxy to its rightful state, that you miss what’s going on behind the scenes,” said the enlightened Ren.

If only all it took to turn from the Dark Side was some plain old-fashioned understanding.

In the earthly workplace, it can be difficult to know how to speak up when hierarchies make straight-talk feel threatening, and our livelihoods and professional advancement are on the line.  Above all, most of us want our employers to “get it”: our commitment to our jobs, the challenges in our lives, and what it takes for us to be successful.

InHerSight's ratings provide actionable insights for both job-seekers and employers.

At InHerSight, we learn a lot about what’s truly going on for employees at thousands of companies, with a particular eye to the experience for women. How does it feel to work for this employer? How easy or difficult is it to balance work with the rest of your life? What do you need to grow as a person and a professional? Do you feel valued and heard? Employees at all stages of their careers rate their companies anonymously and candidly, helping create a company snapshot for job seekers.

Just as importantly, though, employers are keenly interested in InHerSight data. For them, it’s an opportunity to sit in the lunchroom as “Matt” and learn what employees are truly experiencing. The insights are invaluable in helping companies attract and retain top employees. For many companies, cultivating an employee- and family-friendly culture is a cornerstone of their mission; they care about doing it right.

Even if your boss is not Kylo Ren, it’s doubtful your employer is going to show up undercover any time soon to learn about your job from your perspective. Nevertheless, you can be heard. Rate your company and add your voice.

Beth Nichols is a self-proclaimed word geek. She’s also a freelance writer and editor, business owner, and marketing strategist who’s passionate about seeing good things happen for women in the workplace. Learn more or connect at .

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