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Career Advice & Insights


An Ally’s Guide to Apologizing in the Workplace in 2024

How to say sorry for interrupting, misgendering, and more


22 Oprah Winfrey Quotes About Building the Life You Want

Plus, how the media maven rose to fame and changed her industry forever


50+ Questions to Ask the Interviewer About Company Culture

Find a workplace where your values are aligned

Finding a Job

Your Guide to Using LinkedIn to Find a Job

Career experts share ways to stand out and meaningfully connect

Career Development

Navigating the Exit: Your Guide to Resigning from a Toxic Work Environment

Example resignation letters inside

Career Development

The Best of 2023: InHerSight’s Editors Pick the Must-Reads & Milestones of the Year

Plus, what’s to come in the New Year

Partners in Diversity

Meet 15 Women Whose Careers & Contributions Shine Bright

Celebrating InHerSight’s 2023 Women of Influence

Career Development

How to Respond to Constructive Criticism: 5 Email Templates

Take responsibility and action


20 Tips for Preparing for a Phone Interview: Before, During, & After

Your job search isn't over just yet

Partners in Diversity

This Could Be You! 3 Women in Tech Share How Their Jobs Make an Impact

Cool projects they’ve worked on, plus the skills you need most to pursue a career in tech


How to Approach a Potential Mentor: 5 Email Templates

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Using LinkedIn to Find a Recruiter: 10 Steps to Take & How to Reach Out

Your guide to networking professionally


7 Clear Signs of a Bad Interview with a Prospective Employer

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Are You Constantly On Guard at Work? You Might Be Experiencing Emotional Tax

The enormous cost of an unjust world

Career Development

Feeling Stuck in a New Job You Hate? Here's What to Do

10 actions to take now

Finding a Job

The 10 Most Anticipated Interview Questions of 2024

Is everybody using AI without me?

Career Development

15 Resignation Letter Templates for Quitting a Job You Hate

The proper formula for an easy exit


34 Zendaya Quotes on Confidence & Authenticity

“If you don’t try things and take risks, you don’t really grow and figure out what you want.”

Culture & Professionalism

Why Quiet Firing Needs to Go

Plus, what employers should do instead

Culture & Professionalism

10 Email Templates for Setting Boundaries & Communicating Your Needs at Work

Stand up for yourself and protect your peace