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5 Under the Radar Companies That Are Great for Women

Don’t settle for a mediocre workplace. On InHerSight you can find great companies for women all across the U.S. Here are just a few that are getting high marks.

By InHerSight

What if finding the perfect company was like finding the perfect gelato flavor. You could walk in, get a bunch of tiny spoons to sample them for comparison, choose the best one, and leave knowing you got exactly what you wanted.

Unfortunately it's not possible to sample a bunch of employers until you find the right one, but there is a way to put potential employers to the test! At InHerSight , our anonymous company ratings data uses the the experiences of working women to help you find that perfect fit.

Here are five companies you may not have heard of that have great scores on InHerSight:


4.6 | View ratings

Does your list of must-haves for your next job include wellness initiatives? If so, Asana, a company that builds web and mobile applications designed to help teams work better, received a perfect 5.0 rating from women for their wellness initiatives. On-site yoga, healthy meals provided by their own culinary team, meditation time, and flexible hours make this company sound like a dream come true for a wellness-minded job-seeker.


4.4 | View ratings

A quick read through the comments from “very satisfied" raters of this large marketing software outfit reveals a company that listens to employee needs, houses an environment which fosters female employees’ success, and offers great benefits to improve work life, as well as personal life. One rater even mentioned how she was offered a major promotion just days before she left for maternity leave. Talk about incredible!


4.4 | View ratings

Flexible hours and the ability to telecommute help make this company a top choice for female raters. Jamberry is a consumer goods company selling nail wraps and nail based products and allows employees to work from the comfort of their homes on their own time. If you are a fashion guru and enjoy sales, perhaps you can find your perfect fit here.


4.5 | View ratings

Looking to move to the U.S. capital? If so, check out Mapbox. If should still check out Mapbox, since they are rated highly for the ability to telecommute and flexible work hours. This computer software company strives to ensure a positive working environment for employees and encourages building valuable relationships amongst employees, especially female employees. This means great ratings for their mentorship programs, female representation in top leadership and equal opportunities for men and women. Yes, yes and double yes!

WillowTree, Inc

4.7 | View ratings

Rated highly for its learning opportunities, software company WillowTree may be a great fit if you enjoy working in tech. The company is proactive about recruiting more female employees to balance out the male dominated tech workforce. Not only does this company want to hire women, but they also make it their mission to see them succeeding in their roles.

These are just a few of the thousands of companies women are rating on InHerSight. To get your own personal top companies list, sign up to get matched today .

At InHerSight, our mission is to improve the workplace for women by measuring it. We bring women’s insights together into a common framework to show what’s working and what’s not at companies, and to help more women find their ideal workplace.

Lisa Crocco is a freelance writer who can be found wandering the aisles of local bookstores or the streets of different cities. Follow her on Twitter or read more of her work.

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