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Where Are the Working Women Who Are Rating Their Employers?

Women (and men!) have already rated thousands of employers at — from government agencies to household names like Apple, Google, Coca-Cola, and Walmart — and we’re just getting started! Recently we took a look at where on the map our ratings are coming from and here’s what we found.

While California, the DC metropolitan area, and New England have the highest concentration of ratings, these aren’t the areas with the highest concentrations of working women. A recent article in The New York Times identified where working women are most common . One of those areas — the upper Midwest — is noticeably pale on our ratings map.

“Female employment rates are notably high, especially compared with male rates, in New England and parts of the upper Midwest, which tend to be fairly well off. Female rates are also comparatively high in a swath of lower-income rural areas across the middle of the country. In all these places, education — the fact that women are now more educated than men — plays a big role in these contrasts.”

Midwest working women — we want to hear from you! Tell us how well your employers support your personal, career, and family growth at And if helping improve the workplace for women isn’t enough incentive, here’s more: women who voice their opinions on feminist issues get an extra boost of well-being . Go ahead, get your ratings high: .

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