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  1. Blog
  2. Career Development
  3. September 20, 2021

43 Work Memes to Lift Your Spirits

A little pick-meme-up

43 Work Memes to Lift Your Spirits
Photo courtesy of Michael Burrows

If you struggle to stay motivated, productive, and energized during the work week, you’re definitely alone. 

Just kidding. According to Gallup surveys, 87 percent of employees worldwide aren’t fully engaged at work. To aid you in your quest to fight disengagement and burnout, we’ve compiled a list of the best, most relatable work memes to boost your spirits. Whether you’re working remotely or are sitting in an office cubicle, you’ll definitely be able to relate to and giggle at these work-related memes with your favorite coworker. 

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43 work memes to lift your spirits

1. Welp, there goes my midday break

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2. *starts Googling how to make money with no job*

3. Seriously, what’s the point?

4. Suppressing our inner Dorothy at meetings is a job itself.

5. That stapler is looking a little too eager today...

6. Clearly a standout candidate for the next promotion.

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7. Honestly, it’s impossible to imagine.

8. Don’t test my patience today.

9. I thought Groundhog Day was just a movie?

10. Karen, I am not in the mood today for your jokes.

11. Read the room.

12. When that lunch was the only thing saving you from a full-on breakdown.

13. Heard that, sis.

14. Ah yes, it all makes sense now.

15. Who’s going to reward me with a little treat?

16. The audacity...

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17. And for our next trick, we’ll make the Sunday Scaries appear.

18. Real footage of me working from home.

19. We’re all in this together.

20. It’s a vibe, I guess.

21. I’d like four puppuccinos and five espresso shots, please.

22. “Ok, now leave me alone forever.”

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23. When your work bestie helps you come up with an excuse to clock out early.

24. Tell me, what is that like?

25. Seriously, who is she?

26. Gonna be breakin’ dishes tonight.

27. How many times do we have to play this silly game?

28. We all need a work mantra.

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29. This is a dangerous cycle.

30. At least Khaleesi gets it.

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31. *cries internally*

32. Manifesting no work stress dreams tonight.

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33. Not today, Satan.

34. If I can’t see it, it can’t see me.

35. Hello, working over the weekend.

36. Just because Excel proficiency is on my resume doesn’t mean it’s true.

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37. Real art needs no explanation.

38. Cubicle or kitchen table, it’s all the same.

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39. Phone home, I need to go shopping.

40. How many snoozes are acceptable these days?

41. I promise I’m soooo invested.

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42. WFH forever!!!

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43. When you nominate yourself for employee of the month.

About the author

Photo of Cara Hutto

Cara Hutto

Assistant Editor

Cara Hutto is the assistant editor at InHerSight. Her writing primarily focuses on workplace rights, job searching, diversity, and allyship, and she holds a bachelor’s degree in media and journalism from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

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