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  1. Blog
  2. Career Development
  3. June 10, 2021

50 Memes for “Raging” Feminists

Because wanting equality is, apparently, so demanding

feminist memes image of woman with sign
Image courtesy of Chloe Simpson

The word “feminism” can be divisive, which is funny, actually, because the definition of feminism—“the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes“—shouldn’t be controversial at all. The words “raging feminist” have long been thrown around as an insult, insinuating that women are “crazy” and “overly emotional” when in reality they're advocating the installment of long-denied human rights. The trope of the “angry feminist and the stereotype that feminists are whiny, bitter man-haters are products of patriarchy. 

Not that we care, really. In order for these “insults” to be actual insults, we have to subscribe to the idea that female anger is a shameful thing. And that’s ridiculous! Women have a right to express anger if we feel angry. We have a right to be “raging!” So, it's time to take back the word and wear it with pride. 

For all you fellow raging feminists out there, here are some memes to add a little fuel to your fire. 

50 memes for "raging" feminists 

1. Femininity is actually pretty dang cool, Ralph. 

2. But I’m a lady, and I like it, so…

3. We’re rockin’ with baby feminists. 

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4. Let us get right on that.

5. Embrace the female gaze.

6. A-woman.

7.  Don't mess with her owl. 

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8. Cinderella had the right idea…

9. So did our queen Meg. 

10. No hugs for you.

11. Strong coffee and stronger women.

12. When he tries to mansplain feminism to you...

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13. Women belong in the House...and the Senate. 

14. Seriously though, let’s all at least try to be aware...

15. We are all someone....

16. ...and we breathe fire. 

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17. Voices are even better than cars! 

18. 50/50, baby!

19. Take down the patriarchy!

20. “Thanks for explaining my own emotions to me, Bob.”

21. We are all Wonder Women. 

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22. Literally ANY woman. 

23. Armed and dangerous.

24. “Believe me, you’d look prettier if you smiled, too, Phil.” 

25. “Can you imagine?”

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26. Two options...happy or demon. 

27. If a man’s not a feminist... I don't want him. 

28. Buh-bye!


30. Again with the it that hard? 

31. Know your worth. 

32. The plague. 

33. Cake it on, ladies!

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34. Even cartoons are sexist :/

35. The audacity! Establishing your own boundaries?!

36. Not all heroes wear capes. 

37. We love women supporting women.

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38. Lisa’s a strong, independent woman…

39. ... she doesn’t need a man.

40. The blood of sexist men.

41. See, even corgis get it. 

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42. We all have something to say...

43. ...and we surpass expectations 

44. Unrealistic expectations just don’t stop.

45. Drama kings. 

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46. If you have to announce that you’re a nice guy, you probably are not. 

47. The Stare of Death.

48. The kind of nursery rhymes we want.

49. Win like a girl. 

50. But...that mentality makes you a misogynist...

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Photo of Anna Louise Pickens

Anna Louise Pickens


Anna Louise Pickens is a freelance writer and is InHerSight’s former editorial intern. She loves writing about anything related to women—from women’s fashion to lifestyle to workplace equity. Her other bylines include Chapel Hill Magazine, Heart of NC Weddings, Durham Magazine, and Chatham Magazine. She’s currently a Morehead-Cain Scholar at UNC Chapel Hill where she is double majoring in Business and Journalism.

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