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Introducing #DecembHER: Giving a Little Differently This Season

As the month of December begins, the annual season of giving is in full swing.

By InHerSight

You no doubt saw posts this week asking you to donate on #GivingTuesday, and have definitely seen the Salvation Army Red Buckets pop up around shopping centers.

With the annual reappearance of giving, here at InHerSight, we wanted to think about what we had the ability to give to women. All year long, we give access to hundreds of thousands of reviews for companies and give women the ability to get matched with workplaces that are right for them. But this month, we wanted to double down on being a resource for women.

Every day in December, we are planning to share a resource or product by women, for women, with you. Most will be free, or along the lines of a purchase you would already be making.

We aren’t getting paid to do this.

We constantly see and hear stories of the good that happens when women support other women. Just this fall, we’ve been thrilled to see the conversations about sexual harassment shift as women support each other’s stories.

This is why we want to support business, non-profits, and online resources. A woman-founded and run company ourselves, we appreciate any support we get, and we know that similar organizations will feel the same way.

So, this season of giving, we are giving some love to other women-focused orgs and hoping that you do the same. And, just maybe, you’ll want to share the InHerSight love with others too.

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