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Negotiating. Bargaining. The art of the deal. We know the things we want, but it can be hard to ask for them, especially as women. Here's how to negotiate for better benefits, salary, job titles, and more!


Retention Bonuses: To Stay or Not to Stay?

It’s like your employer is begging you not to go


Relocation Assistance: The Questions You Should Be Asking

Money to move, pleeeeease


Are You Willing to Relocate? 3 Ways to Answer This Common Interview Question

Yes, maybe, and definitely not


4 Body Language Clues to Watch for While Negotiating

Look out for these clues


How to Ask Someone How Much Money They Make

Nope, it's not TMI


19 Salary Negotiation Tips to Help You Earn More

Get what you deserve


How to Ask for a Raise



How to Counter a Job Offer & Get What You Want

The offer is just the beginning of the conversation


How to Ask for Time Off Before Starting a New Job

When life happens


What Should You Put as Your Desired Salary on a Job Application?

It’s like playing truth or dare


Can You Ask for Time to Consider a Job Offer?

And can you be honest about why?

Paid Time Off

What Are Fringe Benefits & How Can You Get More?

Fringe bennies should be more than free coffee and snacks


Half of Women Have Never Negotiated Their Salary

Assertive women are judged more harshly than their male peers are, and it could be costing them


How & When to Talk About Salary Requirements

How to make an uncomfortable conversation...not so uncomfortable


Going Rate: What Is a Good Salary for My Job?

Resources and tools to help your know what a good salary is for your position


A Quick & Dirty Guide to Asking for a Raise in Writing

Walk away with a fatter paycheck

Work from Home

How to Ask Your Boss to Let You Work from Home

Out-of-office time can mean peak productivity, but asking for flexibility is harder than you think

Career Change

How to Tell Your Boss You Want to Change Careers

Even if you don’t have company initiatives that support career changes, you don’t have to quit to change direction


What a Non-Compete Agreement Can Do to Your Career—Know This Before You Sign

How this common employment stipulation can red-line you right out of a job


How to Ask for a Promotion: What the Experts Say

The do's and don'ts of moving up the ladder