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Are You Willing to Relocate? 3 Ways to Answer This Common Interview Question

Yes, maybe, and definitely not

Are You Willing to Relocate? 3 Ways to Answer This Common Interview Question
Image courtesy of Tara Urso

While you can prepare only so much for an interview, there are a few commonly asked questions that you can expect to come up—and keeping an answer in your back pocket can help the interview go all the more smoothly.

One of them is this: Are you willing to relocate?

If a job does require relocation, it’ll typically say so on the application. There is a chance, however, that the question will come up in an interview regardless of whether it was on the application.

Maybe you're willing to move, or maybe you're not. Maybe you're not quite sure yet. Here are a few ways to answer the question during the interview process.

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1. An enthusiastic yes

First and foremost: Don’t just say yes because that’s what you think your potential employer wants to hear—you should say you’re willing to relocate only if that’s actually the case. If you are willing to move, then here are a few examples of what to say that show your passion and flexibility without going overboard.

  • I feel that this position is the opportunity I’ve been looking for, so I’d be more than happy to relocate, but I would love to hear more details about what that might look like.

  • I’ve actually looked into [area] and think it would be a good fit for my lifestyle. If the job required relocating, I’d be more than happy to talk details.

  • I’m excited about the potential that this position has to offer, so I’d be more than happy to consider making a move if that were required.

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2. A hesitant yes

Maybe relocation isn’t wholly off the table, but it certainly wouldn’t be your first choice. In that case, you should convey a bit of your hesitation, but make it clear that you’re open to discussing the logistics if the situation does arise.

  • I’m not currently looking to make a move since I’ve established a lifestyle here that I really enjoy, but I wouldn’t rule it out for the right opportunity.

  • Relocation is certainly on the table, but I’d love to discuss remote work before then, if possible. That being said, I wouldn’t rule out relocating if the right opportunity presented itself.

  • Relocation is something that I’d need to discuss with my family / significant other. In the meantime, I’d love to hear more details about what that might look like.

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3. A definite no

If you don’t want to relocate, then there’s no way around that. Not being willing or able to relocate won’t necessarily disqualify you from being considered for the job; the employer may be willing to hire you in your current location or talk about remote work.

If the answer is no, you should be honest during the interview.

  • Right now, I’m not able to relocate, but I think this position is the perfect opportunity for my career goals and I would bring a lot of unique experience to the job.

  • I can’t relocate, but I would be very open to remote work.

  • Relocating may be an option for me in the future, but I only recently settled down in the area, so making a move this soon isn’t feasible for me.

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