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What does InHerSight do to protect and defend the anonymous free speech of its users?

By InHerSight

At InHerSight, we work for women, helping them find great companies and achieve their career goals. As part of that mission, if we believe an employer is inappropriately using the legal system to suppress free speech by threatening or pursuing legal action against our anonymous members, which may come in the form of a notice of a legal demand, subpoena, or court filing involving InHerSight reviews, we will take steps to notify our audience.

If we receive notice of a legal demand, subpoena, or court filing involving InHerSight reviews that are within our guidelines, and therefore within the rights of our users to share on the site, we may take any of the following actions:

  • Issue a press release 
  • Write a blog post on InHerSight (which may include links to the reviews at issue and the demand letter or court document)
  • Post the legal demand letter or court document on a searchable database on InHerSight and/or on
  • Post an alert about the legal threat or proceeding on the employer's profile page in order to inform others researching the company as a potential employer 

If you are an employer considering legal action over InHerSight reviews, you should be aware that your action will likely draw more attention to the negative reviews you are asking us to take down.

This policy mirrors the one laid out by Glassdoor because it's awesome.

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