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  1. Blog
  2. Culture & Professionalism
  3. May 21, 2021

‘Not All Men!’ Are Going to Find These Mansplaining Memes Funny… and That’s Okay

Well, actually...

A woman wearing a box on her head with a frown face
Photo courtesy of cottonbro

Mansplaining...just the word sounds obnoxious. Defined by Oxford Dictionary as “the explanation of something by a man, typically to a woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing,” mansplaining is a part of many women’s everyday lives. It’s something far too many women have dealt with in the workplace, and it is the topic of Rebecca Solnit’s poignant essay “Men Who Explain Things.” Sometimes it can become downright exhausting, and when you hit the point where you just can’t listen to Chad explain your own idea to you for the umpteenth time, here are some memes to lessen the pain. 

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30 mansplaining memes every woman can relate to

1. When he “explains” your own research to you...

2. Okay everyone, now let’s all turn on our listening ears.

3. “Let me interject real fast” *talks in circles for 10 minutes*

4. And tomorrow, he’ll try to patent “fishing.” 

5. At least the GPS has an “off” button.

6. “But you’d look prettier if you smiled.”

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7. He is the expert, after all!

8. *Spoiler Alert* you never, in fact, get to finish

9. Imagine being judged for your gender like that….

10. The favorite opening line.

11. The version Disney didn’t tell ya...

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12. A little light reading.

13. The daily pep talk.

14. Thanks for telling me how my body feels, Mark.

15. Gotta hit that button.

16. But he read an article, so he ~must~ be an expert.

17. Hey, at least this one is self-aware.

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18. The many types of clouds...

19. Did he just mansplain mansplaining? 

20. Behold.

21. I think we’ve reached a new low.

22. It definitely sounded better the first time.

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23. Sometimes, they push you till you break. 

24. And sometimes, they push you till you explode. 

25. Yep, because we’re the ones out-of-touch with our emotions here. 

26. Not “dear”....or “honey” or “babe.”

27. We got the just wasn’t funny. 

28. 0 days, everyone. 

29.  Plates can be tricky.

30. It’s not over till they’re over. 

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Photo of Anna Louise Pickens

Anna Louise Pickens


Anna Louise Pickens is a freelance writer and is InHerSight’s former editorial intern. She loves writing about anything related to women—from women’s fashion to lifestyle to workplace equity. Her other bylines include Chapel Hill Magazine, Heart of NC Weddings, Durham Magazine, and Chatham Magazine. She’s currently a Morehead-Cain Scholar at UNC Chapel Hill where she is double majoring in Business and Journalism.

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