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Equal Opportunities

Glass ceilings, glass cliffs, glass everywhere. Unfortunately, in our workforce, hard work doesn't always equal a fair shake. Learn what causes opportunities to break down and how we can fix that.

Workplace Rights

All the Workplace Rights Your Mother Didn't Have

Happy Mother's Day to the Silent Generation, who endured everything

Working During Coronavirus

We’ve Always Asked for Too Much from Teachers, but Is Distance Learning the Last Straw?

Chew on this apple slice for a while

Working During Coronavirus

Relationship Expert: During COVID-19, ‘Project Manage’ Your Partnership

We asked The Gottman Institute how you can do less housework


10 Adjectives to Stop Using to Describe Women

All of these little ladies with their big words!

Women to Know

A Sort-of Brief History of Women’s Right to Vote

Imagine spending decades upon decades fighting for something you should have been able to do in the first place


The Top 20 Companies Where Women Are Most Satisfied with Their Pay (2020)

As rated by the women who work there

Workplace Rights

A Brief History of the Equal Pay Act

How it protects you from discrimination in the workplace


Gender Pay Gap Statistics You Need to Know

Unequal pay hurts us all


8 Tiny Desk Concerts By Women

Plus: why being a woman in music is so. freaking. hard.

Equal Opportunities

Women in the Workplace Primer: 19 Terms You Need to Know

Bibbity, bobbity, boo, now you’re a walking workplace dictionary—at least until midnight


Study: When Men React Defensively to Gender Equality, Do This

A research-backed approach to Not-All-Men Guy, who seems to have an explanation for everything


20 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day in 2022

On the day of, the day after, or forever


How to Ask Someone How Much Money They Make

Nope, it's not TMI


6 Positive Research Studies About Working Women

You can only eye-roll at “women don’t speak up enough in meetings” so many times

Guides to Discrimination

What Is Marginalization & What Can You Do About It?

See also: discrimination in the workplace


How to Ask for Maternity Leave When Your Job Doesn’t Offer It

Employment laws to the rescue!


The Top 5 Ways Women Can Support Other Women in the Workforce

When one of us wins, we all win

Culture & Professionalism

6 Times You Did Not Overreact

You're not "too emotional" either, but that's a conversation for another day

Women to Know

What’s Your Favorite Career? Candy.

What the women of Hersheys and Smarties have to say about the confectionery industry

Career Development

10 Things That Aren’t Your Job (That You Might Be Doing Anyway)

Party planning committee, party of one