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14 Companies with Effective Remote Work Cultures

And how they make flexible locations and scheduling work

woman working at a company with a remote culture
Photo courtesy of Surface

The amount of companies with remote work cultures has dramatically increased over the past two years  since many offices had to shut down during the pandemic. Many workplaces are adopting fully remote or hybrid work models, where employees are allowed to work from home a few days per week in addition to working in-person. 

Nearly 80 percent of women tell InHerSight they want to continue working remotely after the pandemic, and their remote work preferences are split almost equally between full-time remote and part-time remote. Plus, according to a 2021 Future Forum survey, 73 percent of workers weren’t happy with their level of flexibility during the pandemic and are likely to look for different opportunities in the next year. Essentially, remote and hybrid work should be a job benefit on every employer’s radar.

Not only are employees and employers realizing that flexible, hybrid, and remote work models are just as productive as in-person working models, research shows that productivity actually increases for remote workers since they’re able to better balance work and life. Here are 14 companies with interesting and dynamic remote work cultures to consider if you’re looking for a job with more flexibility. 

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1. Scott’s Cheap Flights

Scott’s Cheap Flights is a 100 percent remote team with employees all over the world. To make up for the lack of face time and time zone differences, team members sometimes record videos of themselves providing feedback instead of sending emails. In addition to using Slack throughout the day and scheduling other video meetings, employees are encouraged to book 15-minute casual “doughnut chats” to catch up.

Prior to the pandemic, Scott’s provided a meet-up allowance so employees traveling to each other’s cities could grab a meal together, and the company hosted annual get-togethers in different countries so everyone could meet in person. 

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2. Alley Interactive

Information technology company Alley Interactive encourages employees to work from wherever feels best to them. Their 60-plus team members are distributed across the U.S. and North and South America, so flexible hours are a big deal. On their InHerSight benefits page, they say, “As long as you are supporting your team, when you work is up to you so that you can reduce stress and have space for your commitments at home.” Miss working in an office? No problem—they’ll pay for a co-working space for you.

3. Aurora Insight

Aurora Insight believes in offering benefits and policies that allow their employees to be their most productive while also taking care of their families and their health. The information technology and services company has offices in Denver, Colorado, and Washington, D.C., and allows team members to enjoy the benefit of working in an office if they wish or work fully remote anywhere else in the country if they prefer. Plus, employees are encouraged to take advantage of flexible hours and work anytime during the day to get their job done.

4. Buzzer

Sports app Buzzer is ranked #1 on our Best Companies for Ability to Telecommute list, boasting a fully remote team across 35 cities and four time zones and a perfect 5.0 star rating for the category. In addition to remote work, they offer unlimited PTO, 32 hours per year to volunteer in your community in a way that is meaningful to you, and three additional PTO days each year to take time for yourself to rest and recharge.

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5. Avtex

Avtex is working hard to create a culture that promotes teamwork, creativity, and an effective balance between work and the life outside of it. The information technology and services company is #2 on our Best Companies for Ability to Telecommute list, and since March 2020, Avtex has received an average rating of 5.0 stars for the metric. They’re committed to attracting and retaining the best and brightest and building an enviable culture, so they promise to ensure employees have everything they need in order to stay productive while working remotely.

6. Brighthouse Financial

Brighthouse Financial is dedicated to making a difference by helping people achieve financial security. They’re striving to create a work environment that promotes employee empowerment, collaboration, and personal growth not only in their careers, but in their lives, and one satisfied rater says, the company has been “very supportive in this work from home environment.” 

Their offices are still closed, and when it’s safe to reopen, all employees will continue to have the flexibility to work remotely anywhere within the U.S., work in-office, or create a hybrid plan that can be adjusted at any time to accommodate individual needs.

7. Hazel Analytics

Hazel Analytics has adopted a hybrid model requiring two in-office days per week—individually chosen, varying week to week—in addition to remote work. They define core hours for some expected availability, but day-to-day schedules can vary for employees as needed. They place a big emphasis on over communication, which helps ensure that commitments to the team and customers are delivered on time.

One very satisfied employee says, “Hazel Analytics is a great company where I felt welcome and was treated with respect. Even when everyone is remote you can feel the productive energy and camaraderie among teammates every day. Supportive and approachable management made my opinions feel valued.”

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8. CrowdStrike

CrowdStrike’s culture was built to be remote-first, and they offer flexible work arrangements to help their team manage their personal and professional lives in a way that works for them. The computer and network security company’s flexible, remote way of working is designed to mitigate disruption from natural disasters, political events, health emergencies, or any other unforeseen issue and foster a collaborative environment.

Take it from Hema M., a senior UX writer at CrowdStrike: “People are always there to support you. I’ve never felt stuck with a problem on my own. As a remote-first culture—even before COVID-19, CrowdStrike has definitely proved it’s a myth that you need to be in the same room to successfully collaborate.”

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9. Inspectify

Self-defined as an employee-first company, Inspectify’s leadership team strongly believes that a flexible work schedule is imperative for the future of work. They have office space, but don’t require team members to come in every day, instead encouraging in-person work a few times a week in order to build a sense of culture and community. 

The home inspection tech company has core days each week where the team comes together in-person to tackle difficult problems, brainstorm new initiatives, and build stronger working relationships. Outside of core days, frequent remote work is available, and employees have the freedom to set a schedule that works best for them and their personal lives.

10. Nitro, Inc

Global document productivity software company Nitro, Inc promises to offer a flexible work environment forever. Their hybrid approach allows team members to work remotely whenever they want, while having access to in-person time for things such as collaboration sessions and team offsites. One rater says, “I can honestly say Nitro has the best culture I've ever been apart of. I know building culture has been a struggle for many companies with remote teams but Nitro nailed it.”

Plus, they offer another remote benefit called “90 Days Away,” the opportunity for employees to travel and explore while working from anywhere. Basically, employees can extend any vacation to spend more time with family or friends and work from anywhere for up to 90 days.

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11. Marlette Funding, Provider of Best Egg Personal Loans

Fintech company Best Egg is on a mission to inspire financial confidence by helping people manage their day-to-day finances. With a perfect 5.0 rating for Ability to Telecommute, they offer 100 percent remote work in addition to onsite hybrid model options and telecommuting options. Recognizing the importance of remote work, they say, “We see our office as a collaborative tool to foster a positive work environment and not a mandatory cell.”

12. Speedscale

Speedscale is a seed-stage startup working on novel, unique technical challenges with cutting-edge technology such as service mesh, cloud services, event streaming, and more and enjoys a top notch 5.0-star rating for Ability to Telecommute.

Although the team primarily works remotely, the Atlanta-based team still likes to get together once every week or two. At an exciting stage of growth, they believe they get a lot of lift and energy from brainstorming and sharing new ideas in person. 

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13. PwC

Want an actual say in what your workday looks like? Accounting company PwC gets it. Their hybrid work model includes three ways of working—totally virtual, flex, and in-person—and offers employees total freedom in how they work. Essentially, you can live anywhere in the continental U.S. and work for PwC. 

One rater says, “PwC is a fantastic place to work. The people, opportunities, and environment are fun and engaging. The flexibility is beyond what I have experienced at any other job and I appreciate the ability to take care of my personal responsibilities and still have a strong career as a professional.”

14. Walker Advertising 

Marketing company Walker Advertising earns a perfect 5.0 rating for Ability to Telecommute. According to their benefits page, they “offer unmatched technical support with laptops shipped to all home offices.”

One satisfied rater raved about the company’s remote work policy: “The people at Walker are some of the nicest I have ever worked with and there is a real commitment from the exec team to live our values. But more than anything, and after a year of punishingly long days at my last job, I am most appreciative of the commitment to permanent remote work and the flexibility to really be able to show up for both my family and my job.”

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