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Workplace Rights

Find out what you need to know about your rights in the workplace and how to protect them, clearly and simply.

Working During Coronavirus

We’ve Always Asked for Too Much from Teachers, but Is Distance Learning the Last Straw?

Chew on this apple slice for a while

Workplace Rights

A Brief History of the Equal Pay Act

How it protects you from discrimination in the workplace


Mother’s Rooms: What’s Required, What’s Needed, & What to Bring

We took Mr. Bun E. Rabbit to work, and you won't *believe* what happened

Guides to Discrimination

Know Your Rights: The Ins and Outs of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act

What it is, what it covers, and what you’re entitled to


Your Guide to Pumping at Work

Your rights, your time, and dealing with your coworkers

Workplace Rights

21 Tweets That Illustrate the Reality of Pregnancy Discrimination

Proof that you’re not imagining things


Let's Talk About Age Discrimination in 'Younger'

The TV show sheds light on a larger cultural problem

Workplace Rights

What Is a Hiring Freeze? How to Get the Facts Before You Freak Out

How to know if your job could be in jeopardy

Workplace Rights

How to Know If What You’re Seeing Is Workplace Retaliation—And What to Do About It

Employer strike back after you made a complaint? You may have legal recourse.

Guides to Discrimination

6 Examples of Ageism Hiding in Plain Sight

And how to fight the stereotypes that hurt us all

Culture & Professionalism

13 Signs of a Toxic Work Environment & When It Becomes Illegal

All it takes is one bad apple


All Your FMLA & Maternity Leave Questions Answered

Everything you need to know about taking maternity leave in the United States

Workplace Rights

This is What Pregnancy Discrimination Looks Like

InHerSight asked moms to share ways they've experienced discrimination at work. This is what they said


Guide to Paternity Leave: Your Rights, How to Ask & The Future of Leave

Dads are more engaged than ever, but paternity leave policies are slow to change


CEO of Winnie: How I Pumped At Work

The first time was a bust, but Sara Mauskopf made it work when she had her second child

Workplace Rights

The Fat-Shaming on ‘Shrill’? It's Legal—Technically

And it’s costing women in the workplace both their mental health and part of their paychecks

Culture & Professionalism

Deep Dive: What We Can Learn From FEMA’s Sexual Harassment Crisis

Disturbing allegations, harassment in #MeToo, and what to do if you’re being harassed at work