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Flexibility in Tech: 8 Companies That Work with You

Overwork? Never heard of it

Woman sitting on her bed while working on her laptop
Photo courtesy of Sincerely Media

This article is part of InHerSight's Techsplorer series. Women in tech face distinct challenges. Learn how to build a successful career in this male-dominated industry without sacrificing what you want.

This article is part of InHerSight's Partners in Diversity series. Discover companies partnering with InHerSight to better support women in the workplace.

The tech industry has long been associated with workaholism. When you picture innovation in places like Silicon Valley, you probably imagine thousands of employees working tirelessly to birth the brainchild of a super genius like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. Late nights, long hours, staff sleeping in nap pods on-site. It’s easy to believe that in order to be successful in tech, you have to pull those grueling 80-plus hour workweeks, which would make it difficult for many women, especially mothers, to make it in the industry. Luckily, that isn’t the case for all companies. 

More and more, male-dominated industries like tech are realizing that in order to recruit talented women employees, increased flexibility is a must. Here are eight of InHerSight’s top tech partners that prioritize flexibility—meaning high ratings for Paid Time Off, Ability to Telecommute, or Flexible Work Hours—for their employees. 

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8 tech companies that offer flexibility

1. Brivo

Brivo creates cloud-based and ultra-safe security systems. Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, the information technology company has a 3.7-star rating overall on InHerSight and scores most highly for Support for Diversity and Sense of Belonging—perfect 5.0 ratings, in fact. Their third highest metric, Paid Time Off, is what landed them on this list, however; with a 4.3-star rating and unlimited time off, Brivo offers employees the flexibility we like to see. They also score highly for Ability to Telecommute, 4.0 stars, and have received perfect ratings for that same category throughout the pandemic. Working parents, take note: Employees say they feel secure with the paid parental leave policy, job security, and support for parents. 

Brivo is hiring.

2. Greenhouse Software Inc.

Ranked second on InHerSight’s Best Companies for Flexible Work Hours list, and also ranked on our best-of lists for Paid Time Off and Ability to Telecommute, Greenhouse Software Inc. is a New York City–based company dedicated to making everything about recruiting, onboarding, and integrating businesses easier and more equitable. True to their mission, this nugget speaks to how they live their values in their own hiring process: “We look beyond alma maters and the in-crowd for people with diverse backgrounds, unique experiences and new perspectives that will move us forward.”

Greenhouse Software Inc. is hiring


Another company ranked on all three of our best-of lists for Schedule & Flexibility metrics (Ability to Telecommute, Paid Time Off, and Flexible Work Hours), puts employees’ work-life balance first in thoughtful ways, like their structured summer and winter breaks. “Recharging and self-care are a critical part of doing our best work,” the New York City–based company says on their InHerSight profile, “so we've added a coordinated time off schedule for mid-July and end of year, to recharge together.” The host of a cloud-based collaboration platform that helps teams to stay connected, is a great choice for anyone in tech who enjoys that same centralized communication but is also looking for more freedom at work. is hiring

4. HubSpot

Cambridge, Massachusetts–based HubSpot is a marketing, sales, and service software designed to help businesses grow. Ranked on all three of our Schedule & Flexibility best-of lists, HubSpot also comes in sixth on our overall list of Best Places to Work. How good can it get, you might ask? HubSpot offers unlimited paid time off, unlimited sick leave, and frequent remote work, and they have near-perfect ratings for metrics related to these benefits. They’re also global, meaning they manage to juggle time zones while guaranteeing balance. 

HubSpot is hiring.

5. Databricks

Databricks combines data warehouses and data lakes into a unified data and AI platform. Although the company is San Francisco–based, it has offices worldwide and partners with many well-known companies, such as CVS, Amazon, and Microsoft. First on our list of Best Companies for Ability to Telecommute, this org also ranks on our best-of lists for Paid Time Off and Flexible Work Hours. And unlimited paid time off? Databricks has got it.

Databricks is hiring.

6. UKG

UKG is coming in hot as the #1 Best Technology Company to Work For on InHerSight, and the #2 overall on our Best Places to Work list. The Weston, Florida–based company uses technology to provide solutions in HR and has a 4.7 star rating on InHerSight. The Ability to Telecommute category has 4.9 stars, and for Paid Time Off, UKG comes in with a 4.9 rating. They round out their scores with a 4.7 in the Flexible Work Hours category. UKG might be a great fit for someone who loves working with people and providing solutions in the HR world through technology. 

UKG is hiring.

7. SAP

Business software company SAP rounds out this list, coming in at #6 in our Best Companies for Ability to Telecommute. SAP also comes in 17th for Best Companies for Flexible Work Hours. Along with a 3.8 rating overall, SAP holds a nearly perfect (4.9) rating for Ability to Telecommute, a 4.6 in Flexible Work Hours, and a 4.4 in Paid Time Off. Maternity and Adoptive leave also looks great with a 4.2 score.

SAP is hiring.

8. NetApp

Most highly rated for Ability to Telecommute and Flexible Work Hours (and with a great 4.4 rating for Paid Time Off), NetApp gets brownie points for also giving employees time off to recharge by closing the office the week after Fourth of July. We love a flex schedule paired with mental health support. This data-focused org also reserves time away for charitable work, offering employees five paid days to support the nonprofit organizations or schools of their choice.

NetApp is hiring.

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