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38 Important Questions to Ask at a Career Fair

The career fair is your oyster

A woman in professional attire going to a career fair
Image courtesy of Christina Wocintechchat

Upwards of 85 percent of job positions are filled through networking, so don’t take lightly this opportunity to network directly with recruiters and hiring managers.

At any career fair, recruiters will see a lot more candidates than candidates will see recruiters, so it’s incredibly important to come prepared with smart and thoughtful questions. When you walk out of the fair, you should know which companies best match your interests, as well as the recruiters’ names and contact information.

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Questions about the company and open opportunities

1. What does the company do?

FAQ: Is it okay to ask what the company does?

Yes, it's okay to ask this question at a career fair. Recruiters won’t necessarily expect you to know what every single company at the fair does. But, if you don’t know the answer to this question by the time you’re interviewing, you haven’t done enough research.

2. How long have you been at the company?

3. What do you like best about working here?

4. How big is the company?

5. What kinds of positions are you currently hiring for?

6. If you’re not hiring now, do you plan to hire again soon?

7. Are you hiring only for positions in town or do you have openings in other cities too?

8. What kind of people tend to succeed at this company? What kind of people struggle?

9. What are the company’s values? Can you provide some examples of how the company demonstrates these?

10. Does your organization offer any training or mentorship programs?

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Questions about the hiring process

11.  How long does the hiring process take? What does it consist of?

12. What percentage of applicants are hired?

13. How can I improve my chances of being hired?

14. Do you have any advice for me as I start the interview process?

15. Do you have any advice on how I can improve my resume?

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Questions about a specific role

16. Is this a full-time salaried, part-time, or contract position?

17. When do you hope to have the new hire start work?

18. What sort of educational background do you look for in a candidate?

19. What kinds of technical skills and experience do you look for in a candidate?

20. What kinds of soft skills do you look for in a candidate?

21. What is a typical work week like for the person in this role?

22. What’s the first project the new hire will take on?

23. How does the company measure performance for this role?

24. What do you imagine will be the biggest challenge for the new hire?

25. What is the balance between collaborative and individual work?

26. What can you tell me about the hiring manager?

27. How much travel is involved?

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Questions about company culture

28. Can you give me an example of one positive and one negative element of the company culture?

29. What is a common career path among employees in your organization?

30. What do you like best about the people you work with?

31. What’s the company’s policy on PTO? How do you ensure employees take their PTO?

32. What’s the company’s policy on working from home or remote work in general?

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Questions about following-up

33. Is there anything else I can provide you?

34. Do you have more questions for me?

35. Would you be willing to share your contact information with me?

36. Can I email you this week with my availability for an interview?

37. Can I email you with questions?

38. Do you have any other advice on job hunting?

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