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  1. Blog
  2. Career Development
  3. August 16, 2023

How to Tell a Potential Employer You Have Another Job Offer (with Examples)

Hi, I’m still interested!

woman telling a potential employer she has another job offer
Photo courtesy of Marcus Aurelius

Searching for a new job is an exciting, yet challenging process. You meticulously craft your resume, tailor your cover letter, and interview with various employers. In the midst of this journey, it's not uncommon to find yourself in a situation where you receive multiple job offers. 

While having multiple opportunities is undoubtedly a fortunate position to be in, it also raises the question of how to effectively communicate this to other employers you’re interviewing with. Here, we’ll discuss the importance of sharing that you have another job offer, provide tips for doing it tactfully, and offer three sample email templates to help guide you through the process.

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Why should you share that you have another job offer?

The idea of disclosing to a potential employer that you're considering another job offer might seem intimidating. However, this conversation is crucial for several reasons.

You can leverage your negotiation power

When you have multiple job offers on the table, you gain a certain amount of leverage in negotiations. Employers are more likely to make competitive offers when they know you have other options. Sharing this information respectfully and professionally can encourage potential employers to adapt their offer to match or surpass your other options.

Sharing the offer demonstrates your value

Informing an employer that you're being actively pursued by other companies can demonstrate your value in the job market. It underscores the idea that you are a desirable candidate, making employers more inclined to view you as an asset to their team.

Transparency proves your honesty 

Honesty and transparency are qualities that employers value in potential employees. By openly sharing that you have another job offer, you're showing your commitment to open communication from the very start. This can set a positive tone for your working relationship if you eventually join their company.

Disclosing the offer can lead to faster decision-making

Letting a potential employer know that you have another job offer can expedite their decision-making process. If they’re genuinely interested in having you on their team, they may move quicker to ensure they don't miss out on the opportunity to hire you.

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5 tips for effectively communicating that you have another offer

While sharing that you have another job offer can work in your favor, it's essential to approach the conversation with care and professionalism. Here are some tips to help you navigate the situation effectively.

1. Choose the right time

Timing is crucial when discussing other job offers. Wait until you're deep into the interview process and have a strong sense of the employer's interest in you. If you bring up the topic too early, it might give the impression that you're not genuinely interested in the position.

2. Be courteous and grateful

When sharing that you have another job offer, express gratitude for the opportunity and the time the potential employer has invested in your application process. This reinforces your professionalism and respect for their time.

3. Emphasize your interest

While you're sharing that you have another offer, make it clear that you are genuinely interested in the position you're discussing. Reiterate your enthusiasm for the role and the company, highlighting the aspects that appeal to you.

4. Keep it positive

Maintain a positive tone throughout the conversation. Avoid making comparisons between the two job offers or appearing overly competitive. Instead, focus on how the potential employer's organization aligns with your career goals.

5. Express flexibility

Demonstrate flexibility in your communication. Let the potential employer know that you value their offer and are open to exploring the possibilities, even if you have another option on the table.

3 sample email templates for sharing another job offer

When done thoughtfully, communicating that you have another job offer to a potential employer can lead to more favorable outcomes in terms of negotiations and demonstrating your value. Remember to approach the conversation with professionalism, gratitude, and a genuine interest in the position and the company. 

Crafting the right message to communicate that you have another job offer can be challenging, but you can utilize these sample email templates as a foundation for crafting your message and adapt them to your unique situation. 

Sample email 1: Expressing interest and sharing the offer

Hi (Name of hiring manager),

I wanted to express my gratitude for considering me for the (job title) position at (company name). It has been a pleasure learning more about the team and the exciting projects you're working on.

I wanted to share that I’ve recently received another job offer, and I’m currently evaluating it. However, I want to reiterate my strong interest in the role at (company name). The team's innovative approach and collaborative environment truly aligns with my career goals.

I am very much looking forward to the possibility of being a part of (company name)'s journey and contributing to its continued success. I would be grateful for any insights you can provide regarding the timeline for the decision-making process.

Thank you once again for the opportunity, and I'm excited to hear from you.


(Your signature)

Sample email 2: Requesting a decision timeline

Hi (Name of hiring manager),

I wanted to express my gratitude for considering me for the (job title) role at (company name). The discussions I've had with the team have only increased my excitement about the possibility of contributing to your projects.

As I progress through the interview process, I wanted to let you know that I am also considering another opportunity. While my interest in (company name) remains strong, I believe open communication is crucial. Could you kindly provide some insights into the expected timeline for a decision? This would greatly assist me in making an informed choice.

Thank you for your time and consideration—I look forward to your response.


(Your signature)

Sample email 3: Expressing enthusiasm and requesting another discussion

Hi (Name of hiring manager),

I wanted to extend my appreciation for the opportunity to interview for the (job title) position at (company name). The conversations I've had with the team have left me genuinely enthusiastic about the potential to contribute my skills and learn from the team.

To be transparent, I’m reaching out to let you know I’ve received another job offer that I'm currently evaluating. Given my interest in (company name), I’m curious if there might be an opportunity for us to connect and further discuss the role, the team, and how I could potentially contribute to (company name)'s success.

I appreciate your understanding and am looking forward to your response. Thank you once again for considering me for this exciting opportunity.

Warm regards,

(Your signature)

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