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Gender is one aspect of identity, but there are so many others. See how gender intersects with race, LGBTQ, age, money, and more.


The Problem with Groupthink in the Workplace? Everything

And three ways to break out of the box

Career Development

40 Female-Dominated Careers (& What They Pay)

And the reasons gender divides exist


13 Must-Have Inclusive Workplace Practices

From hiring to company culture


‘Culture Fit:’ The Diversity Issues with This Hiring Practice & How to Build Culture More Inclusively

How to move past “fit” and toward “add”


Ways Women Work: How Paid Work Differs for Women & 10 Ways to Change the Narrative

Women make up more than half of the workforce, and they’re doing more labor, too


Ways Women Work: How Caregiving & Unpaid Work Disproportionately Affect Women

And ways companies, allies, and partners can help


18 Reasons Gender Diversity at Work Is More Important Than Ever

“When we listen and celebrate what is both common and different, we become a wiser, more inclusive, and better organization.” —Pat Wadors


Ways Women Work: How Emotional Labor Weighs On Women & 10 Ways to Ease the Burden

The work you carry with you after you’ve clocked out


Ways Women Work: How Assimilation Affects a Workday & What Allies Can Do About It

‘How do I jump into the conversation when I often have no idea what they are talking about? I don’t watch the same TV shows or the sports they are discussing’

Partners in Diversity

Breaking Down Bias: 6 Company-Led Initiatives That Are Green Flags for Women

Inside the culture work that leads to gender equitable workplaces


4 Reasons Netflix’s Approach to Inclusion Is More Trailblazing Than You’d Think

Vice President Vernā Myers on employee feedback, representation, and chasing consistency

Culture & Professionalism

Psychological Safety at Work Is Essential: 7 Ways to Cultivate It

Safety first


Why ‘Gatekeep, Gaslight, Girlboss’ Is the Social Commentary We Need for the Workplace

And how to turn a joke into real empowerment


3 Reasons Women Employees Say Intuit Is Tech’s Best Kept Secret

‘We treat DEI as a business imperative’

Guides to Discrimination

How Misogyny Became Part of Our Culture & Workplaces

In a time of remote work, allyship is needed more than ever


The Difference Between Overt & Covert: Recognizing Hidden Systemic Racism & Sexism

Gaslighting has entered the chat


6 Examples of Coded Language in the Workplace & How to Eliminate the Practice

Hello, discrimination


How to Hold a Meaningful Roundtable Discussion

Conversation—with a purpose


Required Skills Aren’t Necessarily Required. Here’s What It Means to Be ‘Qualified’ for a Job

Plus, ways hiring managers and nontraditional candidates can meet in the middle


The Importance of Building Trust at Work

It takes two to tango