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Gender is one aspect of identity, but there are so many others. See how gender intersects with race, LGBTQ, age, money, and more.


How to Hold a Meaningful Roundtable Discussion

Conversation—with a purpose


Required Skills Aren’t Necessarily Required. Here’s What It Means to Be ‘Qualified’ for a Job

Plus, ways hiring managers and nontraditional candidates can meet in the middle


The Importance of Building Trust at Work

It takes two to tango

Workplace Rights

A Quick Guide to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC): Everything You Need to Know

When to file a claim and what you need to do so

Guides to Discrimination

Are You on the ‘Mommy Track’? How to Know & What to Do About It

Derailing discrimination


How to Handle Getting Called Out & Learn from the Mistake

And five things your apology must include

Culture & Professionalism

Uptalk & The Importance of Normalizing Women’s Speech Patterns

Stop policing women’s voices?


The Value of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Workplace

Plus, three companies doing it right


30 Realities of Being a Working Mom & How to Deal

We hit the motherload with this one


Gender-Neutral Terms for the Workplace & Beyond

To infinity, folks!


How to Create a Culture of Accountability in the Workplace

More than sound bites and good intentions


Why These 13 Male-Dominated Industries Are Good for Women’s Careers

Where the boys are


Trust, Accountability & Retention: Why Transparency at Work Matters

It’s the ownership for us


Fatphobia at Work: How to Recognize It & End It

Enough is enough


Tone Policing: The Problem with Gatekeeping Emotions

‘You need to calm down’


Why ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ Is an Excuse for Bad Behavior

The time for a culture of accountability is now

Guides to Discrimination

Ageism: How Bias Affects Younger & Older Employees

And the demographics impacted the most


Code-Switching: How Marginalized Employees Navigate Oppression at Work

When professionalism is discrimination


BIPOC: What It Means & When To Use The Term (with Examples)

And when to be more specific

Culture & Professionalism

We’re Over It: 9 Stigmas in the Workplace That Have to Go—Now

They're unnecessary and discriminatory