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  1. Blog
  2. Working Mom
  3. May 10, 2024

40+ Moms Answer: How Does Your Company Support You as a Working Parent?

“With commitment to work-life balance, flexibility, and great benefits, my company ensures I can prioritize my family without sacrificing my career ambitions.”

Working mom with her child
Photo courtesy of Intuit

This article is part of InHerSight's Partners in Diversity series. Discover companies partnering with InHerSight to better support women in the workplace.

There’s more to supporting working moms than generous parental leave—although parents need that, too—and in 2024, many companies understand that. For Mother’s Day, we asked more than 40 moms to share how their companies support them.

From engaged managers and leaders to nonlinear workdays, in this article, you'll hear directly from women about the practical ways their employers have backed them up. Join us as we explore the tangible ways in which workplaces are adapting to the needs of modern families, providing a roadmap for a more balanced work-life dynamic.

40+ moms answer: How does your company support you as a working parent?

“Leadership and management recognize the complexities involved in balancing professional responsibilities with family life. An environment of open communication makes it easier for parents like myself to thrive both at work and at home. I feel deeply valued and respected, not just as an employee, but as a parent. This culture of respect and support plays a crucial role in enabling us to fulfill our responsibilities.” —Mitali Ajgaonkar, Sr. Staff Software Engineer, Palo Alto Networks

“Markforged allows me the flexibility to prioritize what matters in my personal daughter! She's a very active student with many extracurriculars, and I'm trusted to perform my job duties, while being allowed to support my daughter at her volleyball games, band concerts, volunteering, etc. I feel like my manager, peers, and leaders work with my schedule to ensure I'm considered, included, and never left behind.” —Tabitha Akaktan, Senior HR Business Partner, Markforged

“I'm always appreciative of everyone’s genuine support and interest in my family. It serves as a nice reminder that we’re all real people with lives outside of work. YETI as a brand is also very aligned with what parenthood often presents us—whether it’s getting outdoors to enjoy nature or gathering around the table to enjoy a family meal for quality time together.” —Gabrielle Barandiaran, Senior Program Manager, Marketing, YETI

“I am privileged to have a very supportive manager that trusts me to deliver on my commitments/goals when I need to look after my sick children.” —Pamela Beate, Product Manager, Taulia

“Bandwidth is committed to helping all employees achieve a healthy work-life balance. From generous parental leave and on-site childcare to flexibility to accommodate ever-changing kids’ schedules, Bandwidth empowers you to be both career-driven and a great parent. In addition, the company regularly hosts family-friendly events that provide opportunities for employees and their families to connect and build relationships.” —Ashley Brodzinski, Director Product Management, Bandwidth

“At Dropbox, we embrace what we call ‘nonlinear workdays.’ As a virtual-first company, we have core collaboration hours, which overlap between time zones, and Dropbox encourages employees to design their own schedules beyond that. As a working mom, this is immensely helpful in balancing both of my jobs: mom and employee. We also have a parents community, where we support each other in our careers and as parents.” —Jennifer Burns, Talent Brand Social & Creative Manager, Dropbox

“My company's policy on remote work is the biggest support knowing I always have the option to work from home. My team is mostly working parents, and we support each other by sending pictures, celebrating our children's successes, and sharing parenting wins and failures in our team Slack channel. It makes a difference to have your manager and organization understand the balance and flexibility it takes to be a working parent.” —Jessica Butzgy, Director of Email Marketing, Best Egg

“As a working parent, I'm fortunate to work for a company that prioritizes work-life balance and family values. My manager and leaders are very supportive and understanding of our employees’ responsibilities as a parent. They encourage open communication and provide flexibility in our hybrid schedule, allowing us to balance family needs with work responsibilities.” —Heather Cheek, SVP HR, Seven Seas Water Group

“At Intuit, I feel comfortable prioritizing family because my manager and other team members frequently model needing flexibility during core business hours to take a kid to a doctor appointment, sports practice or game, or to take time off for unexpected illnesses. During vacations, I’m truly able to disconnect as my colleagues respect the time off and we work as a unified team to support each other.” —Patricia Chou, Principal Market Research Manager, Intuit

“Watkins Wellness is known for their people-first culture. Recognizing the demands faced by working parents in balancing work and childcare responsibilities, they provide flexibility in schedules and remote work options when necessary. This allows me to put my family's needs first while still achieving my professional goals in a manner that suits me best.” —Lorena Delfin, Employee Wellness Supervisor, Watkins Wellness

“Intuit’s culture offers a supportive environment, which is appreciated particularly as a working single mother of an elementary school-aged child. The company's emphasis on flexibility through remote work options, flexible scheduling, and understanding leadership, empowers me to strike a healthy balance between my career and my role as a parent.”  —Alishia Dorris, Executive Business Partner to Adam Meister, SVP of Finance, Intuit

“One of the many reasons I choose to stay with Delaware North is not just the flexibility and understanding for being a working mom, but also the connection of my work and family. When I am able to seamlessly blend the two together, I am my best self.” —Amy Duncan Menendez, Vice President, Talent Acquisition & Innovation Center, Delaware North

“I can be a great mom and an executive because I know that Procore values me! Procore walks the talk; our culture embodies openness and flexibility so I can bring my full, best self to work. My leader told me, ‘I never want you to miss your daughter's volleyball games!’ To me, this means we prioritize, plan, and empower others to deliver at work and home. Being a working parent is a team sport, and Procore has my back.” —Joy Durling, Chief Data Officer, Procore Technologies

“Palm Tree champions work-life harmony, valuing my role as a working parent. I am able to be my best self at work and at home, which empowers me to excel both professionally and as a mom. I feel fully supported and encouraged to discuss my parenting responsibilities openly, without fear of it impacting my career.” —Tiffany Francis, Vice President, Talent Acquisition, Palm Tree

“At Delaware North, prioritizing a healthy work-life balance is paramount. With supportive management, I'm empowered to excel both as a professional and a working mother. Flexibility is not just a perk; it's ingrained in our culture, enabling me to thrive in my career while nurturing my family responsibilities.” —Katarina Gibson, Talent Acquisition Manager, Delaware North

“NSA allows up to three months of maternity/paternity leave that can be taken in any way—you can take it all at once after delivery, or take one month, and take another month six months later, etc. The longer you stay with NSA, the higher of a leave category you're in. There are also part-time, temporary part-time, and teleworking opportunities available.” —Diana H., Contract Specialist, National Security Agency (NSA)

“Our culture empowers working parents, ensuring every team member thrives. Our leaders exemplify moving as one, ensuring flexibility in schedules and understanding the unique needs of working parents. Striving for excellence encompasses personal fulfillment and family. I am grateful for our learning and wellness stipends and flexible return-to-work schedules. We cherish diversity, fostering an inclusive and wholesome environment.” —Priyanka Harish, Engineering Manager, VTS

“My boss knows my kids. She always makes it a point to do things for them. When I am in the office and need to leave for them, she is the first person to tell me to leave and be with them! RS is an amazing, family-oriented company to work for.” —Krystle Jackson, Administrative Assistant, RS Americas

“Palo Alto Networks has supported me through two maternity leaves. Upon my return, my managers and colleagues have been nothing but supportive, allowing me to better manage my schedule around my children's needs. This creates an environment where working parents can thrive both personally and professionally. Parents push harder, and Palo Alto Networks provides the support to allow us to do so!” —Jessica Jadallah, Senior Technical Recruiter, Palo Alto Networks

“I am so grateful for the incredible company culture at Intuit Mailchimp. From flexible work arrangements to childcare services/resources, my manager has always been supportive of my family's needs. It is truly a privilege to be part of such a respectful and understanding environment.” —Alyssa Kennedy, Executive Assistant Business Partner II, Intuit Mailchimp

“Palm Tree supports me as a working parent, grandparent, and great-grandparent. When my great-granddaughter was born three months ago, my manager offered me time off to be with her and my granddaughter, as well as time off when my mother came to visit her great-great-granddaughter. Being a parent is a positive thing in our company culture and never holds anyone back from advancement that is otherwise earned.” —Stephanie Kersey, Senior Vice President, Accounting Advisory Services, Palm Tree

“My managers have been incredibly supportive during all phases of my motherhood journey. I could take time away from work to pump in lactation rooms with hospital-grade pumps. There is a sense of freedom that comes with being able to call off of work because I have a sick child. I feel empowered when I'm able to work remotely one day a week. Just yesterday, I was able to take the morning off to look at daycare centers.” —Cassie L., Staff Officer, Engagement and Policy Directorate, National Security Agency (NSA)

“Bandwidth’s culture creates an environment where working parents can thrive. From when I had newborns to now teenagers, I’ve always had flexibility from my managers at Bandwidth to put my daughters first. Work-life balance gives me the space to focus on my mission in the office and being a mother outside of the office. Bandwidth supports working parents in a way that fosters trust, purpose and a positive experience for all.” —Lori Lamb, Sr. Manager Global Accounts Payable, Bandwidth

“My company supports me by living out our core values and commitment to living balanced lives. My support team is flexible with my time, which allows me to spend quality time with my kids so I do not miss out on the important things! My company values relationships, and this is shown daily through them taking appropriate interest in my personal life. They truly care. Our benefits are also amazing!” —Heidi Limburg, Regional Manager, Mill Creek Residential Trust

“At Delaware North we have a Flex@Work program that allows team members to have the flexibility in working from home. As a mother to a toddler in daycare, that is crucial! My team, manager, and senior leaders all make me feel supported and encourage me to take time with my son. As he grows up, I am excited to show him the many places that mommy supports through her work and know he will be proud to say, ‘my mommy works here!’” —Lauren Lucas, Manager of Social Strategy, Delaware North

“Best Egg's commitment to a remote work environment allows me to succeed in my work and be available for my baby. My managers are highly understanding and flexible; I was even able to extend my maternity leave by a few days to accommodate daycare issues. I am so appreciative to work at a company that empowers mothers to excel in their careers.” —Lauren Manna, Director of Financial Reporting, Best Egg

“I feel very supported by Taulia as a working parent. I don’t feel like I have to make a choice between being a good mom or a good employee. Taulia recognizes that our work lives are impacted by our personal lives. It’s important to nurture both in order to be successful in both.” —Michele Mooney, VP of Marketing, Taulia

“As a working mom, being supported as a parent is huge for me. The community of parents at Dropbox is a phenomenal resource, and I appreciate the level of flexibility that Dropbox's virtual-first model affords me. I'm able to organize my schedule around my commitments, without negatively impacting my career growth. Leadership at Dropbox has been very supportive of me as a parent—something that I work to model with my team.” —Cori Myles-Matovsky, Content Marketing Lead, Dropbox

“As a virtual-first company, Dropbox fosters an environment that prioritizes work-life balance, giving me the flexibility to effectively manage my work commitments with my responsibilities as a parent. With the autonomy to structure my own workday, I find it easier to navigate the demands of motherhood while maintaining a fulfilling career. I am empowered to tailor my work schedule, as Dropbox fosters an inclusive culture.” —Natalie Nicholas, Partner Sales Manager Nordic, Dropbox

“As a remote employee, I have leaned into the YETI employee affinity groups (EAGs) for support and advice. Having a community of working parents that are only a quick message away helps me feel engaged in the culture and part of the YETI community. The PAC (Parents and Caregivers) channel has been a great addition for me. It provides a place to share tips and tricks, network, and pool resources with other parents.” —Whitney Owens, Inside Sales Representative, YETI

“Having a positive leadership style plays an important role in why I have been employed at KinderCare for more than 10 years. As a working parent and caregiver myself, I have found that companies that create supportive cultures do so by listening first to their employees' needs. As the culture here is family-first, mothers are less stressed when having to choose between work and family.” —Nicole Paulk, Center Director, KinderCare Learning Centers, KinderCare Learning Companies

“From day one, I've felt extremely supported as a working parent by my manager, coworkers and our company culture overall. The flexibility and support I'm given helps me be more present at home and work, and was a strong selling point in choosing to work at Watkins Wellness.” —Kirsten Roesch, Sr Manager, Content and Social Media, Watkins Wellness

“In addition to standard policies like an employment equity policy that prevents discrimination on the basis of protected grounds like family status, Equality Fund's policies go above and beyond to support working parents. We're a remote-first workplace that offers flexible hours—it's not uncommon to see child pickup blocks on calendars. We get a caregiving allowance to cover childcare costs when we do have to travel.” —Ellery Rosin, Director, People, Equity, and Culture, Equality Fund

“My KinderCare journey started eight years ago as a teen mother looking to provide for my child. I started working as an assistant teacher at my local KinderCare where I could bring my baby to work for a generous employee discount! I am now a mother of three and an area manager with Champions. The flexible schedules, commitment to our culture, and supportive/encouraging leaders allow me to be the best mother and area manager I can be.” —Nayeli Samaniego, Area Manager, Champions, KinderCare Learning Companies

“The simple fact is, InfoTrust treats its employees—and working parents—as humans. The company recognizes that we often need to prioritize our children over work and provides the ability for us to do just that when we need to. Kids get sick, school parties happen at 10 a.m., and the bus comes every day without fail at 4 p.m. InfoTrust knows that life happens and supports me when it does.” —Natalie Shawver, Head of Content Marketing, InfoTrust

“Sunbelt's culture supports me as a working parent by fostering an environment where I can thrive both personally and professionally. With commitment to work-life balance, flexibility, and great benefits, my company ensures I can prioritize my family without sacrificing my career ambitions. My manager provides invaluable support and encouragement, understanding the demands of balancing work and parenting.” —Bethany Spratley, Talent Acquisition Project Manager, Sunbelt Rentals

“Knowing my company values diversity and understands the needs of their employees, including working parents, fosters a sense of belonging. Flexibility and feeling included are equally essential. My company's culture empowers me to navigate the challenges of balancing work and parenthood, providing the support to thrive in both aspects of my life.” —Diana Telford Training and Development Supervisor, RS Americas

"The fact that all Hyperproof's working parents are transparent not only about their joys but also about their struggles makes me really feel like I can do this and that I'm not alone. Despite the fact that we’re a remote company, I feel so included in the parent community and can feel that my coworkers sympathize when I need to prioritize my young children." —Hana Tenkl, Sr. Project Implementation Consultant, Hyperproof

“Watkins Wellness supports working mothers by offering bonding and family care leave, allowing them to balance their responsibilities and excel at work while nurturing meaningful connections with their families. As a working mother, I know firsthand how challenging it can be to juggle everything, however, with the right support, it's possible to rediscover motherhood in new and exciting ways.” —Jasmin Valadez, Warranty Services Manager, Watkins Wellness

“Procore understands work-life balance isn't just about convenience; it's about creating an environment where employees can thrive. Flexible hours allow me to schedule work around my children's needs. They encourage us to take time off for ourselves and our families, which is not a cultural aspect I’ve ever run into. I’m empowered to excel in my career while being present for my family, and that's something truly special.” —Shamara Williams, Executive Assistant, Procore Technologies

“Coming back from maternity leave as a first-time mom was one of the most challenging times of my life. I had no idea what to expect. Between paid mat leave, gradual return-to-work program, communities for working parents, and understanding leaders who prioritize flexibility, Procore has given me what I need to be the best version of myself at work and home. Procore made the transition so much better than I could have imagined.” —Cassandra Winger, Internal Communications Specialist, Technology, Procore Technologies

“At KinderCare, I’ve found invaluable support as a working parent, thanks to perks like a generous PTO package and flexible schedules. These benefits have been instrumental in preventing burnout, allowing me to excel both as an employee and a mom. I appreciate the inclusive culture, supportive leadership and understanding colleagues, which enable me to bring my best self to work.” —Kelsey Yansky, Area Manager, Champions, KinderCare Learning Companies

“Being a working mama has its challenges, but also its rewards. I want my children to understand the value of hard work and show them what it means to pursue a dream job. Working at Hyperproof has been nothing but wonderful—the authentic support for working parents, the flexibility when home life calls. While still being able to cherish those important moments with my children is nothing short of incredible.” —Katie Zautke, Sr. Graphic Designer, Hyperproof

“Leadership at Best Egg has been supportive of flexible schedules to allow me to help coach my teenager's school sports team. I feel strongly this is time that will pass quickly, and we will never get it back! I was grateful to have been able to spend this valuable time with her and also provide a community service to other middle school developing athletes.” —Jennifer Zuck, Senior Director, Product Management, Best Egg

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