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  2. Work-Life Balance
  3. Last updated April 17, 2023

Flex Is the Future: 19 Companies with Incredible Remote & Flexible Working Benefits

The opportunities of a work-lifetime

Computer that says "work from anywhere"
Photo courtesy of Kevin Bhagat

The pandemic has ushered in remote capabilities like few had imagined possible, with some companies now offering work-from-anywhere and others opting for hybrid models that let employees build work around their lives. In that respect, it’s a good time to prioritize work-life balance—never before have there been so many flexible work options available to employees.

But it’s also challenging to navigate a new landscape. In remote-first, ever-flexible 2022, what makes for a good employee benefits package? We asked 18 of InHerSight’s partner companies to share the benefits they’re providing to employees right now to give you an idea of what companies have to offer—and what you can most definitely ask for when negotiating your next job offer.

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19 companies with flexible and remote working benefits 

1. Alley

What they offer: Alley is a remote-first company, and they have been for nearly a decade. With team members in the U.S., Canada, and beyond, they offer flexible time off and recommend at least 15 vacation days per year. They say, “As long as you're communicating with your team and accountable to your work, when you work is up to you. As an added bonus, we’ll provide an equipment budget and coworking space stipend. We believe people are at their best when they’re given the space they need to work wherever and whenever feels best to them.”

2. Avail

What they offer: Avail is a completely remote company, but their flexibility goes beyond simply working from home. Employees stretch across all continental U.S. time zones, and they use calendar blocking and Slack bios to indicate working preferences. One working mom here says, “When I commuted to an office five days per week, I suffered from constant mom guilt. I wasted two hours a day in the car and missed far more school and sports events than I care to admit. With Avail's remote working policy and flexible culture, I finally feel like I can give 110 percent to both my job and my family. For that, I am endlessly grateful to Avail!"

3. Boats Group

What they offer: As a remote-first organization, Boats Group encourages their teams to use their physical office space for memorable moments. “For us, it’s not home versus the office, it’s home plus the office. What we call boatsRemote+,” they say. “Our offices are an extension of our work environment that allow for meaningful, in-person connection. Like many companies, we recognize the feedback from our teams that remote work just works for them in a lot of ways. But they still would like the option to physically co-work and/or to use our offices for team celebrations, planning sessions, orientations, milestone meetings, and more.”

4. Buzzer

What they offer: Buzzer is a remote-born and remote-first company with a physical office in New York aimed at boosting collaboration, building bonds, and offering a safe place for travelers and partner meetings. In addition, they offer benefits such as a one-time work from home reimbursement ($500) to subsidize home office needs, a monthly internet reimbursement ($25 per month), and flexible work schedules, including unlimited PTO, three paid wellness days, and four volunteer days per year. 

5. Chainalysis

What they offer: Chainalysis believes hybrid work is the most equitable and inclusive model, which is why they offer three options to employees. “Here, you work with your manager to choose the Employee Squad that fits you best. Our three squads—office, office-commutable, and remote—offer different unique perks and are designed to allow you full flexibility to work where you work best,” they say. “Regardless of squad, we support work-life balance across every time zone and ensure that team members around the world experience company milestones and celebrations equally.”

6. CrowdStrike

What they offer: CrowdStrike’s remote-first culture is built on the trust that people can and will do the jobs they were hired to do; that they are committed to the company mission; and that they will support each other and live up to the values of the organization. They don’t follow a set 9-to-5 schedule—unless employees want to, of course. But that’s really a matter of preference. “At CrowdStrike, we like to say that people ‘own their output,’ and our workforce chooses how and when to complete their work,” they say.

7. Crunchbase 

What they offer: All of Crunchbase's processes, communications, and culture are designed to be remote-first. They have “core working hours'' from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. PT, so employees know when meetings are expected to take place. Outside these hours, people have the flexibility to get their work done when it suits them. Other perks include a $1,000 stipend for employees to build out their home office, at least one three-day weekend every month, and strongly encouraged ‘No Meeting Thursdays’ so everyone can take a day off from Zoom.  

8. Elevate Labs

What they offer: A fully distributed, remote company, Elevate Labs offers every team member an annual stipend for travel! With coworkers all over the world, this gives them the ability (and already approved budget!) to meet with folks in person and enjoy the magic of exploring somewhere new!

9. Givebutter

What they offer: Givebutter employees can work from anywhere in the world, and they provide them with home office upgrades and various SaaS tools, so no matter where they are, they feel set up for success. "At Givebutter, we believe working remotely provides tremendous freedom and flexibility and increases ownership and personal responsibility,” they say. “As a remote team, successful communication is 10x more important. Employees keep their work calendars transparent for ease of scheduling and are encouraged to err on the side of over-communicating. We also prioritize documenting all workflows and department processes, so everyone’s on the same page."

10. InfoTrust

What they offer: In addition to an open paid time off policy (take what you need, when you need it), InfoTrust managers partner with employees to establish work schedules that balance business, employee, and team needs. Take working parents, for example. One dad at InfoTrust blocks off time on his schedule throughout the week to take care of his daughter. Visible calendars allow coworkers to be respectful of time blocks for child care or other responsibilities. Plus, all company meetings are recorded, and other meetings as needed, to ensure those who work in different time zones or have other conflicts can participate. 

11. JupiterOne

What they offer: A remote-first culture, flexible paid time off, 10 paid holidays, and four paid volunteer days, plus a reimbursement of up to $50 per month for home office resources.

12. The Looma Project

What they offer: With part- and full-time employees across four time zones, The Looma Project says they’re committed to a people-first approach where flexibility is concerned, offering three workplace options—fully remote, flex (split between home and office), and fully in-office—in order to align best with employees’ needs and allows them to do their best work. They also offer an office setup stipend to ensure employee workspaces are comfortable as well as a craftsmanship stipend ($100) each month to pursue a hobby outside of work.

13. Nitro

What they offer: Nitro says they’re a “flexible forever company.” They source talent from all over and also have offices in San Francisco, Toronto, Dublin, London, Antwerp, Copenhagen, Barcelona, and Melbourne. These offices are open for employees to work individually, attend in-person meetings, and collaborate with teammates. Plus, employees can extend vacations, spend more time with family, and work from anywhere for up to 90 days with their 90 Days Away program.

14. Penn Interactive Ventures

What they offer: Over the past two years, Penn Interactive has launched a series of workplace perks and benefits that foster a flexible work environment. These benefits include paid parental leave, a baby bonding program, mental health days, a wellness stipend, in-office massages, a free Uber One membership, monthly Uber Eats stipend, and an annual fitness stipend. Along with these workplace perks, they have also implemented a hybrid working model to allow flexibility when it comes to where team members want (and need) to work. 

15. PwC

What they offer: PwC's work model includes three ways of working: virtual, in-person, and flex (a hybrid of in-person and virtual). You can live anywhere in the continental U.S. and work for PwC. Professionals in a virtual role primarily work virtually, unless they need to go into the office or a client site for key events. The firm has two weeklong U.S. firm-wide shutdowns each year during the week of the Fourth of July and the last week of December. The firm also recently announced expanded flexibility, including a 20 percent paid leave of absence and options to work internationally for those who meet certain immigration and tax restrictions.

16. Reward Gateway

What they offer: Unless otherwise specified in their contract (for shift patterns, for instance), Reward Gateway offers flexible working to all employees, operating under one golden rule: “You should never miss an important life or important work event.” They encourage every employee to follow this rule when making decisions about how and where they work, and they provide an easy RG Work Modes model, which empowers their employees to make the right choice on where to work and do their best. “RG Work Modes describe the key activities that make us productive, collaborative, and happy,” they say. “Our Work Modes were developed with our employees who discussed the activities that go into their role, why each activity is important, and what environment best supports it. They recognize the unique nature of each of our employees and allow them to embrace however extrovert or introvert they may be feeling at any time in any place.”

17. SADA

What they offer: SADA offers employees remote capability and flexible work hours based on their schedules, as well as perks like access to WeWork locations across North America; a remote mentorship program that connects women across different departments and regions; weekly virtual events, including guided meditations, inclusive history talks, and coffee breaks; and Virtual mental health coverage and benefits, including TalkSpace, Happify, and iPrevail. 

18. Supernatural

What they offer: Remote company Supernatural sets employees’ home offices up for success by providing them with ergonomically safe office equipment, such as a monitor, chair, desk, keyboard, headphones, and more. All team members also automatically receive a cell phone and internet stipend in the amount of $75 per month, deposited via payroll.

19. Violet

What they offer: Violet has been fully remote from the outset. They have team members all over the U.S. and Canada and understand that flexible hours are important to overall quality of life; they only ask that their team be available for meetings from 10 a.m.–3 p.m. PT. Violet also provides a $500 one-time work-from-home reimbursement to help employees get their home office set up!

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