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Hello, Flexibility: The 23 Best Jobs for Work-Life Balance

Work hard, life hard

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Photo courtesy of Jeremy Thomas

We all strive to have a work-life balance (so much so that work-life balance quotes abound), but it’s not always possible with demanding work schedules, household chores, and side-hustles. Unfortunately, a poor work-life balance can impact your relationships and happiness, and lead to burnout. A recent study found that 43 percent of employees are concerned about burnout, and other research shows a 33 percent jump in burnout risk over the last year because of the ongoing global pandemic. 

And work-life balance doesn’t only benefit employees themselves—companies that allow remote work and support flexible schedules experience 25 percent lower employee turnover than companies that don't support remote work. So, the experts agree, it’s time to stop overworking and start browsing these 23 best work-life balance jobs.

Best work-life balance jobs in health and science

1. Nurse

Average salary: $65,040

Nurses work in hospitals and assist doctors with administering treatment to patients and performing routine exams like checking blood pressure and heart rate. Most nurses have longer shifts (10-12 hours), but have more days off in between during the week. Plus, they don’t have work to bring home with them, resulting in a nice balance between work and life.

2. Hospital pharmacist

Average salary: $125,838

Unlike retail pharmacists, hospital pharmacists typically don’t spend the majority of their workday filling prescriptions. Instead, they help with patient care in hospitals, including conducting medical tests, giving patients advice about medications, giving recommendations on particular drugs, and ensuring that medications are administered in the right dosage, at the right time.

3. Dentist

Average salary: $166,000

Dentists meet with patients to address dental concerns, perform regular cleanings, and carry out procedures like extractions, root canals, and cavity fillings. Many dentists request to work certain hours and days of the week in order to set a preferred schedule that allows for personal time outside of work.

4. Research technician

Average salary: $42,223

Did you love working in chem or bio labs in high school or college? This could be the perfect job for you. Research technicians assist in research studies and experiments, and they help set up, operate, and maintain lab equipment—all within a standard 40-hour work week.

Best work-life balance jobs in finance

5. Online tax advisor

Average salary: $52,188

Essentially, tax advisors help people manage their money. They assist in tax filing, estate planning, property sorting, auditing, and more. And because online tax advisors can file people’s taxes from anywhere, they’re usually able to set their own hours, allowing for better work-life balance. 

6. Financial clerk

Average salary: $37,690

Financial clerks perform a range of administrative tasks including managing and updating records, processing invoices, and tracking transactions at banks, doctor’s offices, government agencies, and more. Most clerks work a 40-hour week, with rarely any overtime hours. 

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7. Insurance agent

Average salary: $50,502

Insurance agents work with customers to determine their insurance needs and advise them on the right policies to buy. In turn, the agent makes it easier for insurance companies to sell their products. Agents frequently set their own hours, allowing for a flexible schedule. 

8. Risk analyst

Average salary: $74,772

Data junkies, listen up. Risk analysts evaluate companies’ investment portfolios and determine potential risks. A typical day might consist of aggregating and analyzing data to suggest recommendations on limiting financial risk and preventing losses. Similar to other jobs on this list, these analysts are usually able to set their own hours. 

Best work-life balance jobs in communications

9. Recruiter

Average salary: $52,657

Recruiters aid candidates throughout the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring processes. Responsibilities may include posting about new job openings, scheduling interviews, creating job offer letters, conducting background checks, and answering any questions a job hunter might have.

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10. Social media manager

Average salary: $55,157

Social media managers oversee a company's social media channels and can either work as full-time company employees or freelance for multiple companies. Their responsibilities include creating and scheduling creative content for social media platforms and responding to comments. 

11. Interpreter

Average salary: $39,612

Hiii, fellow Duolingo lovers. Interpreters, well, interpret one language, and then translate it to another for both verbal and written communications. Obviously to become an interpreter, one must be fluent in two languages. Due to the range of communications that interpreters are required for—speeches, events, meetings, etc—they typically have more flexible schedules with non-traditional hours. 

12. Writer

Average salary: $56,986

Whether a staff writer or a freelancer, writers usually enjoy a decent work-life balance. Writers are responsible for researching and writing assignments in every industry from health and science to food and drink. If they manage their time wisely, they can create a schedule with plenty of room to enjoy other hobbies or guilty pleasures

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13. Project manager

Average salary: $88,907

Do you consider yourself super organized? Project managers put their time management and interpersonal skills to good use in order to make sure teams stay organized and complete projects in a timely manner. Many project managers opt to work from home and have predictable, fair hours.

14. Real estate agent

Average salary: $67,962

Real estate agents help people find properties and can help alleviate the burden of negotiation and paperwork. Although the job can be demanding at certain times of the year, most agents are able to create their own schedule that works for them. 

15. Tour guide

Average salary: $30,470

Love being around people? Know all of the interesting history and hidden gems in your hometown? You could be a city tour guide and practice your storytelling skills for locals and tourists alike. Because you get to set your own hours, tour guiding is the perfect gig for those looking for full- or part-time work. 

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16. Human resources manager

Average salary: $82,521

If you’re a people person, this could be the job for you. Human resource (HR) managers have a wide range of duties including onboarding, training, and counseling new employees, resolving conflicts, conducting performance reviews, creating clear company policies, and more. 

17. Scrum master

Average salary: $99,492

Scrum is a project management framework, so scrum masters help teams stay organized, cohesive, and focused while ensuring project plans can be updated quickly. Scrum masters have meticulous communication skills and allocate their time as needed for specific projects or teams.

18. SEO manager

Average salary: $72,652

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves the process of improving the quality (and quantity) of organic website traffic to a web page from search engines. SEO managers perform keyword research and set SEO strategies for companies. And you’re in luck—SEO is hailed as a top skill in today’s workforce

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Best work-life balance jobs in design

19. Graphic designer

Average salary: $50,227

Have an eye for design? Graphic designers are in charge of everything “visual” at a company. Duties often include using design software to produce creative content, establishing guidelines for logos and other branding materials, and making design choices on content like colors and fonts. Graphic design is another popular route for freelancers, making it a perfect choice for job hunters looking for work-life balance.

20. Mobile developer

Average salary: $97,217

From concepting to design to testing to support, mobile developers are the people who create apps. They write code, troubleshoot any issues, and optimize overall app performance. Because of their ability to work from virtually anywhere, developers have a strong control over their work schedule and lifestyle. 

21. Civil engineer

Average salary: $77,632

Civil engineers design and manage the construction and maintenance of structures like bridges, roads, canals and more. Projects can range from small-scale fixes like a bridge repair to larger undertakings like the construction of a new stadium.

22. Coder

Average salary: $41,634

Coders, or computer programmers, create applications and operating system code. Typical job descriptions might include creating technical diagrams, reviewing programs, ensuring usability, and making code adjustments. Coders are well-known for working remotely and setting their own hours.

23. User experience designer

Average salary: $93,440

User experience (UX) designers ensure that mobile devices, computers, and apps provide a positive user experience. If this is the field you want to break into, you’re in luck again—UX design is another top skill in demand for 2022. Another fun fact? According to a 2020 Career Explorer report, 53 percent of UX designers are women.

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