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Are you being paid fairly for your work? There's a very good chance you're not. Women deserve to be paid a fairly and well. We'll show you how to achieve both.

Workplace Rights

A Brief History of the Equal Pay Act

How it protects you from discrimination in the workplace


Gender Pay Gap Statistics You Need to Know

Unequal pay hurts us all


Retention Bonuses: To Stay or Not to Stay?

It’s like your employer is begging you not to go


Everything You Need to Know About Stipends

Nope, it’s not a salary

Career Development

6 Cool & Helpful Ways to Track Your Accomplishments

So you can ask for a raise one day, if that wasn't abundantly clear


7 Steps to Take to Achieve Financial Literacy

Cash! The final frontier


4 Body Language Clues to Watch for While Negotiating

Look out for these clues


How to Ask Someone How Much Money They Make

Nope, it's not TMI


A Quick Beginner’s Guide to Investing for the First Time

Join us on this money safari we call life

Work from Home

30+ Side-Hustles for Incredibly Busy Women

The one pay raise that's entirely in your control


19 Salary Negotiation Tips to Help You Earn More

Get what you deserve


Understanding Severance Pay: The Best of a Bad Situation

What you can expect to receive, how to get more


How to Ask for a Raise



How to Counter a Job Offer & Get What You Want

The offer is just the beginning of the conversation


A Survivor’s Guide to a Recession: 4 Crucial Areas to Focus on Now

Immunity is up for grabs


What Should You Put as Your Desired Salary on a Job Application?

It’s like playing truth or dare


3 Common Work Goals & How to Crush Them

How to go get yours


What Per Diem Means, How Much You Get & How It’s Taxed

All your per diem FAQs answered

Work-Life Balance

9 Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well

You don’t have to live this way


Why the Gender Pay Gap Exists, According to Research

In case you were wondering, the gap in the U.S. will close in a cool, casual 100 years