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30+ Side-Hustles for Incredibly Busy Women

The one pay raise that's entirely in your control

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Photo courtesy of Kyle Glenn

Whether it’s to pay the bills, supplement your savings, or help you take that vacation to the Caribbean, side-hustles are an awesome way to make more money while working full-time. Over the past few decades, we’ve redefined what success and accomplishment look like, and it’s not uncommon for many women to have a side-hustle or passion project outside their standard working hours.

Earning extra cash always sounds great, but the problem becomes—how do you juggle multiple jobs while working full-time? It doesn’t need to be as taxing as it sounds; there are plenty of flexible side-hustles that allow you to create a schedule that works for you and capitalize on your individual skill set to bring in the big bucks.

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We’ve done the research for you and have compiled a list of 30-plus side-hustles that don’t require you to completely change your lifestyle:

1.  Resume writing

If you consider yourself a queen of resume writing, market yourself on LinkedIn and you could help out other job seekers while making more money yourself. It’s up to you and your client to create a deadline, and most resume writers make $100+ per resume.

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2. Cleaning service

Cleaning is a great side-hustle. You can either begin work with an established cleaning agency or list your skills on sites like that’ll help match you with families or individuals in need of your services.

3. Driving for a ride-sharing service

This is the perfect outlet for women looking to rake in some more cash on their own time. If you sign up to be a driver with ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft, you’ll get to create your own schedule, whether that means driving just mornings, nights, or weekends (some even make the drive part of their morning commute!).

4. Blogging

Are you passionate about food? Technology? Fashion? Travel? Whatever your interests are, you can find your niche and make some extra money with Google Adsense by allowing advertisements on your blog site.

5. Airbnb hosting

Do you travel often or have an extra room in your home? Rent your place out on Airbnb to supplement your income. In 2017, female hosts in the U.S. earned an average $6,600 on Airbnb, and what’s even cooler, in 2016, more than 10,000 female hosts earned $50 million in income through Airbnb and used it to launch a new business or as direct investment capital for a new business.

6. Pet caretaking

With services like Rover, you can be paid to walk someone’s dog, drop-in and give a pet a potty break, or house sit for a family going out of town. Rover users can make around $1,000 per month if they treat it like a part-time job, and it’s a great way to up your step count after sitting in an office all day.

7. Charging scooters

You know those electric scooters that are taking U.S. cities by storm? Yep, you can make money off of charging scooters for companies like Lime and Bird. This is the perfect hustle for night owls and early-risers. All you have to do is pick up the scooters after 9 p.m., charge them at your home overnight, and release them back to the public before 7 a.m. You can make anywhere from $4 to $10 per charged scooter.

8. Tutoring

Were you a whiz in calculus or biology in school? You can harness your skills and knowledge to tutor kids online without even leaving your couch. Sites like VIPKid and Chegg make it easy to sign up as a tutor, and you can easily make extra money outside your full-time job while teaching kiddos some skills.

9. Teaching a group fitness class

Break a sweat without breaking the bank. Leading a group fitness class like Zumba or kickboxing at your local gym or on an app like Instructrr can help you earn up to $25 an hour.

10. Catering

Catering is perfect for hustling outside your 9-to-5. Most catering companies have tons of positions like bartenders and servers with flexible part-time hours. You can make around $12 an hour, and plus, you get to help others celebrate important events! How heartwarming.

11. Selling handmade products

Do you love crafting? If you have a passion project like creating handmade greeting cards or making jewelry, you can sell your products on your very own Etsy shop. Etsy is a community of craft-makers and small business owners, so you’ll get to network while making money on your own work.

12. Podcasting

Got something to share with the world? All you need to create a podcast is a microphone, a recording app like Anchor, a host (maybe just you!), and a knack for marketing yourself. Anchor can even match you with sponsors to make more money.

13. Graphic designing

Graphic design skills are in huge demand today in our ever-changing technological-focused lives. Once you create a portfolio of work, you can find gigs on sites like Upwork and Fiverr and work on commission or make up to $25 an hour for your work.

14. Customer interviews

Respondent is a service that interviews customers for their feedback on specific products. Although they have in-person interviews, you can do most of them remotely online and make up to $140 per hour.

15. Running errands

If you don’t mind helping out with random errands or chores for others, you could earn a decent amount of money through TaskRabbit. Earn money for anything from picking up groceries to helping build IKEA furniture. Build your profile and list your rates and you’ll earn an average of $25 per hour.

16. Local tour guiding

You can sign up on Rent a Local Friend to sell your services as a tour guide. Get to meet new people, lead fun activities like winery tours, and make up to $300 per tour.

17. Food delivery driving

If you have a bicycle or a car, you can drive for delivery services like Grubhub or Postmates. If you have excellent customer service, you can rake in higher tips in addition to your commission pay. The fun part about Postmates is that it isn’t always limited to food—cue delivering batteries and alcohol to customers in need.

18. Renting out your car

Using sites like Getaround and Turo, you can list your car for carsharing. When you’re not using your car, others can conveniently unlock and use it through the apps.

19. Advertising on your car

Using Carvertise, you can get your car wrapped in ads for cash. The marketing firm works with both brands and high-mileage car users to make the best match, and you can make anywhere from $300 to $1,200 per campaign.

20. Reviewing websites

That’s right, you can get paid to test out a new website and record your feedback. With sites like UserTesting, you can make $10 per review, and it only takes about 10 to 20 minutes. The app uses software to monitor your mouse movements, clicks, and voice.

21. Standing in lines

Sign up for LineAngel and earn bucks while holding others’ places in lines. Think DMV lines, concert ticket lines, Black Friday lines, and more. You’ll make at least $18 per hour plus tips.

22. Mystery shopping

Some companies will now pay you to go into their store, pretend to be a normal shopper, make a purchase (that you’ll be reimbursed for), and then record your feedback online. Basically, you’ll let them know how clean the store was, how helpful the employees were, etc. Sites like Best Mark and Market Force will match you with companies once you sign up.

23. Taking online surveys

With Swagbucks, you can watch videos, shop online, and take surveys for “swagbucks” that you can later redeem for gift cards or cash. Each task takes only about 15 minutes so it’s super easy to get a few done in your free time.

24. Selling your old books

Dust off your required high school textbooks and sell them for cash on BookScouter. All you have to do is scan the barcode, check out the buy-back prices from book-buying sites, and choose the best buyer to ship to—for free.

25. Selling your old electronics

It’s finally time to get rid of that cracked iPhone 5 that’s been resting in your dresser drawer for years. Download Gazelle and get money for your family’s old phones that aren’t being used.

26. Teaching an online course

Similarly to teaching or tutoring online, you can create your own course on Udemy or Teachable. It’s a great way to get creative and leverage your talents. Think classes on criminal law or coding or doing your taxes.

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27. Selling your clothes

Poshmark is a super easy way to sell your clothes online. Download the app, upload a picture of your clothing item, share the listing to Poshmark’s network of shoppers, and make money when a shopper buys your item.

28. Babysitting

Take your 14-year-old self’s part-time job to adulthood and market your babysitting services on and SitterCity. You’ll be vetted before you can begin, and you’ll be rated for your service.

29. Cooking for others

If you love cooking, you can get paid to cook and prepare meals for others. Register yourself as a personal chef on HireAChef and provide services like special occasion cooking, fine dining, cooking classes, and more.

30. Selling your hair

Yep, believe it or not, you can sell your hair online. If you’ve got some long locks (5 inches or longer) you can part with, sell it online at HairSellOn, a global marketplace for all types of hair.

31. Interior decorating

If you have an eye for design, you can sell your interior design services on Houzz. Houzz will match you with someone in your area for your expertise in color consulting, room design, furniture selection, and more.

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