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Navigating pregnancy at work can be scary and overwhelming. We tackle the toughest topics: talking to your boss, discrimination, benefits, and telling your coworker not to touch your belly. (Seriously.)


How & When to Tell Coworkers You’re Expecting

Secrets, secrets are no fun unless they're shared with everyone


Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Ask About the Office Baby Shower

It’s raining babies. Hallelujah!

Work-Life Balance

How to Prevent Carpal Tunnel During Your Pregnancy

Ice packs, all day


What to Say When Your Coworker Asks What You’re Naming Your Baby

Also, are you having a boy or a girl?


7 Hide-Your-Pregnancy Accessories & Where to Find Them

Nothing to see here


How to Ask for Maternity Leave When Your Job Doesn’t Offer It

Employment laws to the rescue!

Culture & Professionalism

10 Tasty Mocktails for Your Next Office Party

You don't need to have booze to have a party


Pregnancy: What to Say When Someone Comments on Your Size

Seriously, what were they thinking?


10 Benefits Questions to Ask HR When You’re Expecting

There should be a class about this


We Asked: What Are Your Go-To Ways of Dealing with Morning Sickness at Work?

Besides the obvious solution


10 Weird Things That Happen When You’re Pregnant at Work

Most of them are scientific, but at least one is discrimination, which is *still* illegal


FAQ: How to Time-Manage Your Pregnancy at Work

You only have, like, 7,000 appointments now


We Asked: What Was Your Favorite Desk Snack During Pregnancy?

When “shopping hungry” applies to break room, board room, and...hey, what'd you pack for lunch today?


Your Guide to Pumping at Work

Your rights, your time, and dealing with your coworkers

Culture & Professionalism

How to Handle Happy Hours When You Don’t Want to Drink

Whether you’re pregnant or you just don’t want to


Coffee Meeting? What to Order & Say When You're Avoiding Caffeine

Because you’re secretly pregnant and you don’t want Todd to be the first one to know


A Quick Guide to Pregnancy, Leave & Short-Term Disability

What you can use and when you can use it

Workplace Rights

21 Tweets That Illustrate the Reality of Pregnancy Discrimination

Proof that you’re not imagining things


8 Ways to Make Child Care More Affordable

Congratulations on your new baby, by the way!


Can Freezing Your Eggs Really Help Your Career?

The answer is up for debate