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We Asked: What Was Your Favorite Desk Snack During Pregnancy?

When “shopping hungry” applies to break room, board room, and...hey, what'd you pack for lunch today?

Beth Castle
Managing Editor, InHerSight

hungry woman

Consistent snacking during pregnancy is normal, as is simultaneously feeling hungry and nauseated—thanks, morning sickness. Whether you aim to eat healthy throughout your pregnancy or you’re open to more indulgent opportunities, you need something you can munch on in the office, between meals and meetings. 

InHerSight asked women who have been pregnant to share their favorite desk snacks with us. Nuts and ginger abound. 

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What was your favorite desk snack during pregnancy? 

“Carrots! Anything crunchy to avoid chomping on ice.”

“Candied ginger!”

“Yogurt, nuts, eggs, anything chocolate.”

“Almonds, butter-free popcorn, oatmeal.”

“Coconut water, smoothies, dates, dark chocolate, exotic fruits, nuts, and seeds.”

“Bananas. Nuts. Granola bars.”

“Crackers, apples, and ginger ale.”

“Fresh fruit and veggies. Things high in antioxidants, vitamins and essential nutrients to help a developing fetus. Avoid processed junk as much as possible.”

“We have fruit, crackers, avocado and toast, granola bars, water, juice, tea in about 10 different flavors (hot or cold), hard boiled eggs, whole-grain bread sandwiches, and a wide variety of vegetable chips and freeze-dried fruit chips.”

“Sunflower seeds.”

“Nuts, dried fruit, carrot and celery sticks, grapes, bars like Luna or Kind. Anything that doesn't make too many crumbs or leave your hands sticky or greasy.”

“Crackers. Hummus.”

“Raw almonds and kombucha.”

“Nuts, grapes, cantaloupe, celery, or apples with creamy peanut butter.”

“Hummus and veggies.”

“Because fridge space can be limited, I'd suggest dried foods as opposed to fresh produce. That being said, nuts (almonds especially) and granola are excellent.”

“Apples, cheese, yogurt, trail mix, and cottage cheese.”

“Pickles, cheese, and club crackers.”

“Chocolate and peanut butter bars.”

“Apples. Oatmeal/granola. Celery sticks. Grilled chicken side salads.”

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