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13 Perks That Support a Happier, More Diverse Workforce

Diversify your must-haves

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Photo courtesy of Sereja Ris

This article is part of InHerSight's Partners in Diversity series. Discover companies partnering with InHerSight to better support women in the workplace.

Everyone wants different must-haves from their employer. Some value paid time off so they seek organizations with unlimited policies or good reputations for work-life balance. Others might have their sights set on that corner office, so they look for growth opportunities, such as mentorship or sponsorship programs and equal opportunities for women and men. Personally, I value salary and my relationships with coworkers… 

...or I did, until I learned Acuity Insurance has a Ferris wheel in their corporate headquarters. Insert my new and obscure must-have.

Now, InHerSight doesn’t measure how satisfied women are with the carnival rides in the workplaces, but we do document whether companies excel in culture-builders, like social activities and environment, and what kinds of out-of-the-norm perks they provide. We also like to acknowledge the inventive and offbeat perks that matter more for diversity than others—the Ferris wheel, while both superb and 65 feet tall, is not shattering any glass ceilings. Other perks have potential to normalize things like working motherhood and taking parental leave, bringing your whole self to work, and prioritizing mental health.

Here are 13 perks that companies partnering with InHerSight offer their employees and how they tie into some of our 18 key metrics (those must-haves) for a happier, more diverse workforce.

1. Free diapers

Must-haves: Family Growth Support, Support for Diversity, Sense of Belonging

According to the Diaper Bank Network, the average baby goes through eight to 12 diapers a day—costly roughly $900 a year. Milhouse Engineering & Construction offsets that cost for new parents by providing them with free diapers for a year after the birth of a child. They pair that offering with part-time hours to accommodate newly rocked routines. 

Explore jobs at Milhouse Engineering & Construction

2. Concierge service

Must-have: Flexible Work Hours

Often overwhelmed by your to-do list? Best Buy provides their employees with a concierge service to help them check off seemingly anything, like getting a pony for a birthday party or new tires. You do have to apply to their jobs on your own, though; concierge kicks in after you’re hired.

Explore jobs at Best Buy

3. Employee discounts

Must-have: Salary Satisfaction 

If you grew up watching Extreme Couponing, you’re perhaps a little deal-obsessed (and hoarding shampoo?). Thankfully, Penn Interactive Ventures offers employees a range of super useful discounts on Dell, HP, National and Enterprise Car Rental, Norwegian Cruise Line, T-Mobile/Sprint, and Verizon.

Explore jobs at Penn Interactive Ventures

4. Swag

Must-have: Ability to Telecommute

For many, working from home isn’t stopping anytime soon. Databricks understands that, which is why they provide all full-time employees with one-time reimbursements for headphones (up to $300) and home office equipment ($500). Plus, employees get company-branded swag. 

Explore jobs at Databricks

5. Pet-friendly workplace 

Must-have: Social Activities and Environment

Maybe you won’t have to leave your furry friend all by their lonesome once the pandemic ends. Companies such as Ursa Major Technologies, Partnership on AI, and Carewell declare themselves “pet-friendly.” They’re all looking to add new team members—with or without four-legged companions—ASAP.

6. On-site learning

Must-have: Learning Opportunities, Sponsorship or Mentorship Program

Taulia touts expansive in-house learning opportunities, such as Taulians Teaching Taulians, Taulia Leadership Program, and LIFT. A leadership program for women, LIFT includes a mentoring program, education classes, and other activities designed to inspire development and leadership.

Explore jobs at Taulia

7. Gas pumping

Must-haves: Social Activities and Environment, Family Growth Support

True to form, DriveTime offers “bumper to bumper” benefits to their employees. That includes a perk from GasHero, a service that will come to the office and pump employees’ gas while they work. They also provide a number of automotive discounts from companies such as O'Reilly Auto Parts, Advance Auto Parts and

Explore jobs at DriveTime

8. Caregiving support

Must-haves: Family Growth Support, Support for Diversity

Almost 75 percent of caregivers are women, which is why Expel, Inc. providing paid memberships for to employees matters so much. can help them find caregiving providers for kids, seniors, pets, and more.

Explore jobs at Expel, Inc

9. Spirit week

Must-haves: Sense of Belonging, Social Activities or Environment

Sometimes a perk is more of a mindset, like the fun bonding events at MDLIVE, Inc. The hospital and health care company has a spirit week, quarterly happy hour, Halloween costume contest, holiday breakfasts and potluck lunches, recognition awards, food truck events, and other parties. We love any effort to bring people together.

Explore MDLIVE,Inc's profile

10. Wellness challenges

Must-have: Wellness Initiatives 

Bandwidth doesn’t just encourage their “bandmates” to guard their whole body’s health, they incentivize them. Employees can earn an extra day of PTO for completing the company’s quarterly mind, body, spirit wellness challenges, which, in addition to prioritizing bodily health, invite team members to further enrich their lives with books, events, organization, and whatever else sparks joy.

Explore jobs at Bandwidth

11. Training resources

Must-have: Learning Opportunities

Lifelong learners, linger here. Adwerx provides employees with access to LinkedIn Learning’s full catalog of courses for professional and personal development. That’s more than 16,000 expert-led courses on topics like networking, programming, creative thinking, and problem-solving. 

Explore jobs at Adwerx

12. Streamlined health perks

Must-have: Wellness Initiatives 

Health care–focused b.well Connect Health lives its values where employees are concerned. They provide team members with access to their own app as well as the sleep and meditation Headspace app.

Explore b.well Connect Health's profile

13. Fertility assistance

Must-haves: Family Growth Support, Support for Diversity

IVF, adoption fees, and egg freezing can be costly, which is why Boston Consulting Group’s (BCG) fertility support is so exciting for many who work there. For IVF specifically, their coverage is unlimited, so long as employees meet certain qualifications.

Explore BCG's profile

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